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Dynamics GP 2013 New Features on Playlist

I put together some videos showing some of the new functionality in Dynamics GP 2013. This playlist includes the current collection:

Included in this list:

  • Multiple Selection of Serial Numbers
  • Selecting Serial Numbers on Drop Ship Orders
  • PO Tolerances
  • Suggested Items
  • Home Page Changes
  • Consolidating Invoices

Dynamics GP 2013 (beta) – Multiple Selection of Serial Numbers

This is a handy enhancement that will speed up the selection of serial numbers in GP. Prior to GP 2013 you had to individually select serial numbers one at a time and insert them into the selected area on various screens in GP. In GP 2013 you can select ranges or several individual numbers at once and then insert them into the selected area.

This is an example of what available serial numbers look like, showing several selected at once:

This is a PowerPoint from Microsoft that explains this functionality: GP2013 FOD Multi-Select Serial Numbers

This is a quick video I created to show this in action.

Serial Number Tracking in Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP includes the functionality to track serial numbers from inventory receipt, through manufacturing, and to the customer. You can track forward and back. You can track component serial numbers in a manufactured item. This functionality is also available for lot tracked items. This is handy if you ever need to execute a product recall or track down the source of a defective product.

To track component serial numbers through the manufacturing process, you need to link the component serial numbers to the finished good serial number. You can easily do this from the Manufacturing Order Receipt Entry screen.

In this example the component item serial numbers, CRD-000014, PROC-0000013, and PROC-0000017, are linked to the finished good, PROCOMP-0000015.

This can be a confusing screen, but if you can select the correct finished good item, the available component serial numbers and the already linked component serial numbers will properly present themselves.

The manufacturing order process is then continued as it normally would be.

To trace serial number throughout the system, use the Serial/Lot trace Inquiry screen. To see the linked component in a manufactured item, click on the View BOM Trace button.

Here you can see the linked component serial number, CRD-000014, and the related receiving transaction where it first came into the inventory.

I created this video to show this process in action:

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