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Dynamics GP 2013 (beta) – PO Prepayments

Dynamics GP 2013 includes new functionality that allows you to create prepayments in accounts payable and assign them to specific purchase orders. You can easily do this from the Purchase Order Entry screen. You can enter a prepayment amount that you can then generate a check for using the regular computer check functionality in GP. Or you can create a manual check transaction that is associated with the purchase order.

Lorna Link at InterDyn BMI covers this topic in much more depth at the ERP Software blog, here:

I created this short video to show this new functionality in action:

Dynamics GP 2013 (beta) – Purchase Order Tolerances

Purchase Order Tolerances have been added to Dynamics GP 2013 that allow you to specify by item, minimum receiving tolerances and maximum receiving tolerances.

The minimum tolerance specifies a minimum quantity that can be received which when received will close the purchase order line and cancel any quantity difference between the amount ordered and the amount received. This will still allow for partial receipts below the minimum quantity.

The maximum tolerance specifies a maximum quantity that can be received on a specific purchase order line. If a quantity exceeding the the ordered quantity plus the tolerance is entered, the user receives an error message and the quantity will not be accepted.

This is where you specify the quantity tolerances for each item. These tolerances can also be specified in Item Class Setup:

This is the error message you receive if the maximum quantity is exceeded:

This is a PowerPoint from Microsoft that explains as well: GP2013 FOD Tolerance Handling

This is a quick video I created to show this in action.

Are You Using the E-mail Functionality in GP 2010

GP 2010 includes functionality to easily distribute business documents via e-mail.

Here are the results of a recent poll we took on this site:

Here’s a blog article that provides more detail:

Here’s another that shows it in connection with EFT processing (you have to go to the video to see it):

Dynamics GP Insights to Distribution – Purchase Orders

I put together some basic Dynamics GP user documentation and some of our specific blog articles related to purchase order processing in Dynamics GP. You can request the document here, and it will be e-mailed to you for download:

Click here to fill out the form

Some of the subjects covered are:

  • Purchase Returns
  • Sales Orders => Purchase Orders
  • Utilizing Distribution Accounts Properly
  • Landed Costs

Let me know if you find this helpful.

High Volume Drop Ship Processing in Dynamics GP

If you have a high volume drop ship business, Dynamics GP can help you manage and operate the business. You may receive sales orders from a website or have several sales order entry people that can really turn out the orders. If a lot of these orders are to be drop shipped from your suppliers, directly to your customers, Dynamics GP can help you keep it all in control.

This is a typical process that might be used:

Orders have sales order lines that have the Drop Ship box checked.

All orders are saved into one or more batches. The batches will be used to process a lot of orders at once.

Periodically purchase orders will be created to your suppliers to provide order detail and shipping instructions. Use the Sales Document Range Inquiry screen to select all sales orders for which you want to create purchase orders. There are different criteria that can be used to select all the drop ship orders. In my example I used a unique Order Type to identify the drop ship orders. Click on the Purchase button to create purchase orders for all the drop ship orders.

The system will suggest purchase orders that should be placed. You can change the attributes of any purchase order at this time if you want.

In this example I am creating several purchase orders to two vendors to fulfill all the drop ship orders. When the suggested purchase orders are reviewed and determine to be OK, select the Generate button, and the purchase orders will be created.

You can use the Print Purchasing Documents screen to e-mail purchase orders to the vendors all at one time.

As orders are shipped by your suppliers, you can process the vendors’ invoices into accounts payable. When the vendor invoicing transactions are posted, they will indicate to the related sales orders that the items have been shipped. The Quantity Fulfilled on each sales order line will be updated with the information.

Periodically you can transfer orders in your batch(es) to invoices, send the invoices out via e-mail, and post the invoices.

By using the batch processing functionality in Dynamics GP, you can quickly manage a large number of drop ship orders.

Here’s a related post that gives more detail on the drop ship process within Dynamics GP:

Here’s a video I created the shows you the process:

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