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MSDE file full error Dynamics GP

Had a client using MSDE and was getting space errors whenever trying to process any transactions. Couldn’t post at all, just print reports. We looked at the size of their database and found it was 2 GBs. As you may know there is a 2 GB space limit on MSDE so I suggested updating to SQL Server Express Edition 2005 which has a 4 GB restriction. It is free and would double their storage capacity.

The client thanked me profusely and said they never heard of Microsoft giving anything away for free. I agreed but told them it’s not exactly free as I would charge them for my time which ended up being 3 hours when all was said and done.

Here is the process I used to update the client from MSDE to SQL Server Express Edition 2005:

  1. Call MBS Sales Ops ((800) 456-0025) and get SQL keys for GP. These should be free but if you don’t have them GP will give you nasty error messages. Do this first. I actually did this last and it took a day to get the stupid keys. When you have the keys go to step 2.
  2. Download SQL Server Express Management Studio 2005
  3. Install the SQL Server Express Management Studio (Do this first if you want to use it to create your backups.)
  4. Make a backup of the company and Dynamics databases
  5. Run Capture login script on current install of MSDE. See Tech doc 878449. Script is found here.
  6. Download SQL Server Express Edition 2005
  7. Install SQL Server Express Edition. Mixed mode. (You may need to allow remote connection in SQL setup if it doesn’t default). You can install SQL in one of 2 ways. Upgrade the existing instance of MSDE. (I tried this and it failed on the upgrade). Or install a new instance (Default instance is SQLEXPRESS, call it whatever you like). You will then need to restore the Dynamics and Company databases to the new instance.
  8. Run the results of step 5 against the new instance of SQL to recreate your users.
  9. Put in new reg keys into Dynamics that you got in Step 1. Dyn utilities on any version pre 10.0. In version 10.0 you will need to run this script (delete sy003500) then enter reg keys in application. See tech doc 943965
  10. Update ODBC to point to new instance of SQL

This is similar to the procedure of moving SQL to a new server.

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