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What happens if I update Payroll tax tables and…

Hello all, here is something I was asked recently:

“I have processed my 2012 payrolls for the year, my IT is always on the latest and greatest regarding service packs, hotfixes, updates etc, and they installed the 2013 payroll tax tables update, and I have not executed the Payroll Year End, can I close it anyway?”

Short answer: Yes you can close it, but it will be incorrect.

Please if this happens to you, make sure to restore the Dynamics DB prior to the install of the payroll tax table update because I am sure you always do a backup of your databases prior to any updates installed right?

Leslie Vail has a post from 2011 where she explains how FICA/S wages and withholding is calculated Leslie’s Post

NOTE FOR LESLIE (Step 5b says “he year-end” instead of “the year-end”Smile)

But I wanted to provide a graphical representation of it

01-09-2013 12-21-51 PM


Until my next post…


Francisco G. Hillyer

doCreditCardAuthorizationActivity Error

A few months ago a customer called saying that whenever he tried to post cash receipts he was getting the following error: A get/change last operation on table doCreditCardAuthorizationActivity cannot find the table.


He said that this was the first time they got the error and they could not continue working.

I did my research and found no mention on the tables at all.

Then I asked if any third party products were installed he said “No the only change is that we updated to SP5” ….. that’s were I got the clue.

I reviewed the Dynamics.set file and saw an unusual product 6499 Dynamics Online Services.

I went to “Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customization > Customization Maintenance”

and disabled Dynamics Online Services and asked the user to reproduce the steps that gave him the error and it did not appeared.

So I used the following approach to solve the issue:

click on Start > Programs > Microsoft Dynamics > GP 10 > Database Maintenance

I followed the wizard and when I got to the step to select the products I selected Dynamics Online Services and I choose to recreate Stored Procedures, Views and Triggers.

After processing it my understanding was that the error would disappear but instead we got the following error: A get/change last operation on table doCreditCardAuthorizationActivity failed accessing SQL data.


So when I read “Failed Accessing SQL Data” immediately went to SQL server and ran the Grant.sql script and after that no more errors.

On the Dynamics GP online community a recent post regarding this issue was asked and Ian Stewart posted a similar solution as well

Have all users log out from GP and login as SA

go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Maintenance > SQL select DYNAMICS as DB click on the tables DO Setup, and the options Create Table and Create Auto Procedures.

then select each company and for each company recreate tables and auto procedures for the following tables: DO Cash Receipts (History Open and Work), DO Credit Card Services Activity, DO Credit Card Setup, DO Sales Payment Work and History.

Click process and that’s it.

Good Luck

Francisco G. Hillyer

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