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Dynamics GP 2013 (beta) – Consolidated Invoicing

If you use the Advanced Distribution functionality in GP and run the Fulfillment Workflow component, you can combine  numerous orders onto one invoice to your customer. This is handy if you receive many orders from your customers and they want all shipments for a given period of time, consolidated onto one invoice.

To use the this function you must catch all your Fulfillment Order Invoices just prior to the “Confirm Shipment” step in your workflow.

This is the screen from which you select the order shipments you want to consolidate:

Here is a Microsoft PowerPoint that explains this a bit: GP2013 FOD Consolidated Invoicing

Here is a quick video showing this in action.

Here are a couple of drawbacks:

  • If you go past the “Confirm Shipment” step, too bad; you won’t be able to consolidate the orders
  • This seems like an ideal function to include in the sales transaction list action pane; it’s not there

Are You Using the E-mail Functionality in GP 2010

GP 2010 includes functionality to easily distribute business documents via e-mail.

Here are the results of a recent poll we took on this site:

Here’s a blog article that provides more detail:

Here’s another that shows it in connection with EFT processing (you have to go to the video to see it):

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