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Why my GP is too slow?

Hello all, I would like to provide you with some information on what to look when 312339_117542088417759_1094173370_nDynamics GP seems to be working slow. As you may already know Dynamics GP is a process driven application and you may experience slow performance when specific processes are performed in GP please take a look:


· While posting might be due to the PJOURNAL table as you know checks post too or remittance is being printed separately

· Client workstations should have a default printer setup and online, remove invalid printers

· While opening windows, the autocomplete feature may cause performance issues and if not used can be turned off

· While login into Dynamics GP or utilizing 3rd party dictionaries as well if Menu Master table (SY07110) became too large.

· The location of the modified dictionaries other than local workstation

· Certain Smartlist reminders might interfere with login into Dynamics GP

· You may have shortcuts to network locations that are no longer mapped or available

· Printing to file directly into the client/remote computer instead of the hosted server user folders

· OLE Notes path in Dex.ini

· SQL AutoClose and AutoShrink options not set to false

· Virus scanner setup not excluding the following extensions (CNK, DIC, CHM, SET, INI, DAT, IDX, VBA, LOG, LDF, MDF)

· The Dynamics GP homepage smartlist favorites

· The Dynamics GP homepage outlook integration

· Enabling tracing options in DEX.ini

· Bad user defined triggers in SQL

· Bad configuration of SQL server memory allocation

· SQL server or Dynamics GP server available disk space

· SQL server log file is full and is not set to Autogrow

· TNT*.* files, your %TEMP% folder has not been cleaned

· Non-compliant SQL server/GP Server/Client hardware

· Different DB owner than DYNSA

· Little or no SQL server maintenance (Table Fragmentation)

· You might be missing table indexes or statistics

· When exporting a budget, thru the budget wizard it seems locked (if you are using the excel wizard to export, make sure the “save as” dialog is not on the background, Alt-Tab to it as it must have been opened and its behind your main GP windows.

· Too much history (You can archive historical years, specially if you have large tables like Item Master, Customers, Vendors) Believe me I ran reconcile one time and it took 6.5 days on a company with more than half a million SKUs and 5 years of sales.


I have witnessed how few administrators that in order to preserve enough disk space they have a tendency of running SHRINK on the SQL server, this obviously will fragment tables affecting performance. I have a post that covers that here.


If you want us to take a look at your environment don’t forget to contact us, and as always when troubleshooting record answers for the following questions:

1.- Can you replicate the issue? write down steps that let you reproduce the issue.

2.- If its related to posting, please note the module( s ), how many transactions are in the batch, how long does the process last? how long did the process last before?

3.- On a Server/Client install, can you replicate on the server?

4.- Can you reproduce on all or other clients?

5.- Are there any 3rd party products running on the same SQL/GP server or together with Dynamics GP?

6.- Are there any customizations in GP?


Until my next post and let us know if we can help!!

Francisco G. Hillyer

doCreditCardAuthorizationActivity Error

A few months ago a customer called saying that whenever he tried to post cash receipts he was getting the following error: A get/change last operation on table doCreditCardAuthorizationActivity cannot find the table.


He said that this was the first time they got the error and they could not continue working.

I did my research and found no mention on the tables at all.

Then I asked if any third party products were installed he said “No the only change is that we updated to SP5” ….. that’s were I got the clue.

I reviewed the Dynamics.set file and saw an unusual product 6499 Dynamics Online Services.

I went to “Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customization > Customization Maintenance”

and disabled Dynamics Online Services and asked the user to reproduce the steps that gave him the error and it did not appeared.

So I used the following approach to solve the issue:

click on Start > Programs > Microsoft Dynamics > GP 10 > Database Maintenance

I followed the wizard and when I got to the step to select the products I selected Dynamics Online Services and I choose to recreate Stored Procedures, Views and Triggers.

After processing it my understanding was that the error would disappear but instead we got the following error: A get/change last operation on table doCreditCardAuthorizationActivity failed accessing SQL data.


So when I read “Failed Accessing SQL Data” immediately went to SQL server and ran the Grant.sql script and after that no more errors.

On the Dynamics GP online community a recent post regarding this issue was asked and Ian Stewart posted a similar solution as well

Have all users log out from GP and login as SA

go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Maintenance > SQL select DYNAMICS as DB click on the tables DO Setup, and the options Create Table and Create Auto Procedures.

then select each company and for each company recreate tables and auto procedures for the following tables: DO Cash Receipts (History Open and Work), DO Credit Card Services Activity, DO Credit Card Setup, DO Sales Payment Work and History.

Click process and that’s it.

Good Luck

Francisco G. Hillyer

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