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Dynamics Hosting – Interactive Video

Have you moved your ERP system to the cloud yet? Dynamics hosting frees you from many of the headaches associated with running your system on-premise. There are benefits associated with security, scalability, operating costs, and IT operations.

As it turns out, people generally understand some of these benefits but still have some concerns. To help address these concerns we created an interactive video that lets you explore the benefits and issues associated with Dynamics hosting, on your own terms.

We identified three roles that we see most often. These include the following perspectives:

  • IT Director
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Dynamics Partner

Check out this new video. It may change the way you think of Dynamics hosting. Click on the link below and go to, “View Our Interactive Video” with Linda:

Hosting Dynamics


If you want to try out a hosted ERP system for your self you should check out the dynamics hosting trials available for Dynamics AX, NAV, and GP:

Dynamics Hosting Free Trial

Dynamics GP troubleshooting– “GP does the darndest things” series

blog pictureMost days support is stressful, hectic and occasionally painful. Today was not one of those days. We’ve had a good time answering a calls and even had one I couldn’t help but share. After thinking about this a few minutes I think I’m going to start a “GP does the darndest things” series.

All names have been changed to protect the mostly innocent.

The very first entry in our Darndest series is documented below.

After several valid issues being submitted by a client we received the following email and screenshot.

*************We are having issues with running the trial balance reports in GP from the GL, AR & AP module for all entities.  This was not an issue yesterday.

Please take a look at this ASAP as again, we are in close mode this week and need GP fully functional.



One of our support engineers suggested they try 15% or even 20% as that is like twice as good as 10%. I didn’t think that was very appropriate so I responded with a very serious and polite:

**************Try changing the view from 10% to 100%.

Let us know if that works.********** type email thinking we had a good chuckle and they were going to respond with a  simple “Duh”.

Nope. Got this back:

************Nope, even tried logging out and coming back in.************

After looking at that another support engineer called me and asked if she could pretty please call the client. It was too much fun to resist so I said “only if you let us conference call in so we can hear you try to hold a straight face.”

Alas, our humorous efforts were thwarted when voice mail picked up our call.

Now, we just had a response saying now the reports are generating to 125% and the user didn’t do anything. After looking around I found this in the dex.ini file MagnifyScreenOutput=125 which captures the last view setting for reports.

After all this we have concluded someone in her office is messing with her and changing the view percentage.

All I know is occassionally GP does the darndest things.

Why my GP is too slow?

Hello all, I would like to provide you with some information on what to look when 312339_117542088417759_1094173370_nDynamics GP seems to be working slow. As you may already know Dynamics GP is a process driven application and you may experience slow performance when specific processes are performed in GP please take a look:


· While posting might be due to the PJOURNAL table as you know checks post too or remittance is being printed separately

· Client workstations should have a default printer setup and online, remove invalid printers

· While opening windows, the autocomplete feature may cause performance issues and if not used can be turned off

· While login into Dynamics GP or utilizing 3rd party dictionaries as well if Menu Master table (SY07110) became too large.

· The location of the modified dictionaries other than local workstation

· Certain Smartlist reminders might interfere with login into Dynamics GP

· You may have shortcuts to network locations that are no longer mapped or available

· Printing to file directly into the client/remote computer instead of the hosted server user folders

· OLE Notes path in Dex.ini

· SQL AutoClose and AutoShrink options not set to false

· Virus scanner setup not excluding the following extensions (CNK, DIC, CHM, SET, INI, DAT, IDX, VBA, LOG, LDF, MDF)

· The Dynamics GP homepage smartlist favorites

· The Dynamics GP homepage outlook integration

· Enabling tracing options in DEX.ini

· Bad user defined triggers in SQL

· Bad configuration of SQL server memory allocation

· SQL server or Dynamics GP server available disk space

· SQL server log file is full and is not set to Autogrow

· TNT*.* files, your %TEMP% folder has not been cleaned

· Non-compliant SQL server/GP Server/Client hardware

· Different DB owner than DYNSA

· Little or no SQL server maintenance (Table Fragmentation)

· You might be missing table indexes or statistics

· When exporting a budget, thru the budget wizard it seems locked (if you are using the excel wizard to export, make sure the “save as” dialog is not on the background, Alt-Tab to it as it must have been opened and its behind your main GP windows.

· Too much history (You can archive historical years, specially if you have large tables like Item Master, Customers, Vendors) Believe me I ran reconcile one time and it took 6.5 days on a company with more than half a million SKUs and 5 years of sales.


I have witnessed how few administrators that in order to preserve enough disk space they have a tendency of running SHRINK on the SQL server, this obviously will fragment tables affecting performance. I have a post that covers that here.


If you want us to take a look at your environment don’t forget to contact us, and as always when troubleshooting record answers for the following questions:

1.- Can you replicate the issue? write down steps that let you reproduce the issue.

2.- If its related to posting, please note the module( s ), how many transactions are in the batch, how long does the process last? how long did the process last before?

3.- On a Server/Client install, can you replicate on the server?

4.- Can you reproduce on all or other clients?

5.- Are there any 3rd party products running on the same SQL/GP server or together with Dynamics GP?

6.- Are there any customizations in GP?


Until my next post and let us know if we can help!!

Francisco G. Hillyer

Dynamics GP 2010 Service Pack 3 Released

Hello all, it has been a while since my last post, I have been busy working a few projects that took my attention completely.282962_4217420760459_350721136_n


I have not forgotten about you so here I am bringing good news. Dynamics GP 2010 Service pack is out.

We all have been very excited about this release as it fixes many issues for Analytical Accounting that we were working around. On my favorite topic, eConnect headaches will go away with SOP and PO.


Manufacturing has some improvements as well, so ok I will now provide you with the direct link to download from Microsoft’s website, remember to use your credentials to access this password protected site!!.


Have a great day!!!

Give Me 5 in the Cloud

Microsoft recently announced a great offer for new customers of Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV and SL called “Give Me 5”. While this is a very compelling software offer, what happens if your customer really doesn’t want to deal with running the software on-premise? Does this prohibit the customer from purchasing the application?

All good questions, and there is a great answer:

RoseASP is now offering HOSTING ONLY pricing for the “Give Me 5? promotion. Our Give Me 5 in the Cloud offer includes a special reduced $900 install and $900 per month hosting fee (includes all 5 users). Customers can now take advantage of the best on-premise pricing coupled with a safe and secure hosted solution!!!
To allow you to take full advantage of the “Give Me 5” promotion from Microsoft, RoseASP offers hosting-only packages that allow you to sell the Dynamics license to the customer, but yet host it at RoseASP. This also includes any ISV solutions that the customer may want to include in their system. No SQL licenses need to be purchases as part of this offer. The customer can continue to work with their Microsoft Dynamics Partner of choice and then turn to RoseASP for hosting. RoseASP has been hosting Microsoft Dynamics solutions since 2000.

How CFO’s Should Evaluate ERP in the Cloud

Moving your ERP system to the Cloud is not just an IT decision. You have to look at the impact to your entire business of moving your critical business systems in to the Cloud.

We recently contributed to the publishing of a white paper aimed at CFO’s; to help them better evaluate this type of project. The white paper contains informative graphs and cost comparisons; as well as specific areas of concern that need to be addressed:

  • Cloud Definitions
  • Potential Benefits of Cloud ERP
  • Common Concerns of Cloud ERP
  • Compliance Considerations for Cloud ERP
  • Licensing Questions for Cloud ERP

It’s clearly written and easy to understand.

If you’re considering moving your ERP system to the Cloud, you should really request the white paper here. A link to the white paper will be immediately sent to you.

Evolving to the 24/7 Organization

We are slowly evolving towards a 24 hour/day, 7 day/week organization. It will take several years to get there, but the trend has become quite obvious. There are two factors that are driving us towards this:

One is the business segments we’ve chosen to compete in, and the other is the escalting requirements of our clients.

We’ve been hosting Dynamics since 2000 at RoseASP. We’ve traditionally seen this as a national market, and more  recently as a North American market. This alone requires us to be active in and manage work in three time zones. And if you consider Hawaii and Alsaka, this doubles.

Now add to this the fact that our clients are becoming increasingly global in their operations. We are now serving up Dynamics in over 20 time zones. You might think, so what, the servers do all the work. Not so. We are increasingly being asked to provide development and application consulting services around the World.

So this is how we’re responding:

  • We introduced a self-provisioning Dynamics GP system at myGPcloud where a client can start on their own, any time of the day, any day of the week.
  • We offer 24 hour connectivity support to our RoseASP clients
  • We rolled out a Spanish version of myGPcloud
  • We extended our application technical support coverage to 5:30AM to 5:00PM Pacific time; regular business days
  • We have provided remote application implementation and training services in the U.K., China, UAE, India, and other countries around the World

It would be nice to roll into the office at 9:00, sip a cup of coffee, and read the WSJ. We can’t do that now. If I don’t call my East Coast clients by 9:00 AM, I probably won’t reach them. It’s Noon there, and after lunch, they’re buried.

I imagine you’re seeing similar influences in your business as well.

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