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Rollback your SQL script w/o restoring the database

Have you ever had to update a table in GP and made a mistake. No! Never right? Then had to restore the database to bring it back before you ran the statement.  Dang!! I forgot to make a backup! How many times have you had to restore before getting it right?


Well there is in SQL the Rollback and Commit Statements to help rollback your changes in case of the OOPS!! or in case you forgot to back-up the database. Then you Commit in case you are perfect. For a few seconds more, you can save a time and heartache.


Example :

  – How to not commit changes in your database until you are sure it works and can roll back the changes without doing  a restore of the database.

–Below is an example of an Update Set command that can be rolled back in case of OOPS!!

– Uses a Specific Database

– Step One

Select * RM00101 where ChekBKID=’Main’

–check the number of rows for transactions


– Step Two

Begin Tran

Update RM00101 Set ChekBkId=’New’ where ChekBkId=’Main’

– check the number of rows for transactions to make sure it matches your first select statement

– you can run the select statement again by just highlighting it and make sure it is ’0′ rows and no data.


– Step Three or Four


–run this if everything works great



– run this if you did something wrong OOPS



GP US Payroll Year End Update

We just received the delightful news that the GP year end updates are available for GP 2010 and GP 2013.

If you’re using GP 10 or an older version, there are no updates available from Microsoft for your versions. See Microsoft Support Lifecycle for Dynamics GP here.

You need to keep your business systems up to date. I talked with someone this week that is using GP 7.0. You’re just asking for future sorrows if you don’t keep current.

So here’s the information from Microsoft:

This update is all inclusive of prior updates for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and GP 2013.


You can start to install and get the MSP via the link below for 2010 now:


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Once you install the update, your version for GP 2010 will be    11.00.2292

(Also changes to Project Accounting, Fixed Assets, Human Resource, Field Service, Payroll Extensions, Advanced HR)


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Once you install the update, your version for GP 2013 will be    12.00.1538

(Also changes to Project Accounting, Fixed Assets, Manufacturing, Human Resource, Field Service, Cashbook, Analytical Accounting,
Payroll Extensions, Advanced HR)


2014 US Payroll Round 1 Tax Update (due to release week of 12/16)

Changes so far: (circular E not final)

FICA Social Security limit, California, Kansas, Maryland, North Carolina


Please Note: The 2013 Year-End Update and 2014 Tax Updates will not be available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and prior versions.


Dynamics GP Bank Reconcile to GL



Dynamics GP Bank Reconcile allows you to easily reconcile your Dynamics GP Checkbook to the General Ledger. This will really cut down on the amount of time it takes to validate your cash accounts and prepare financial statements.

Reconciling bank statements is a task that involves matching your bank’s account statement to your bank records in GP and to your general ledger. You are reconciling three sets of records. It can be a nuisance if you don’t keep on top of it and use the tools within GP to help you out. The bank reconciliation module has its own reconciliation process to match your bank’s account statement to the bank records created and maintained in GP. The Dynamics GP Bank Reconcile function allows you to then easily match the bank records in GP to the general ledger transactions in GP. Once you complete these two processes you can be assured that your financial statements related to cash are correct.

To run the Bank Reconcile to GL, go to the Finance Area Page >> Routines >> Reconcile to GL

Dynamics GP Bank Reconcile

Here you just select the Checkbook you want to reconcile, and the general ledger account that represents that checkbook. Specify the date range for which you want to select transactions for both bank transactions and general ledger transactions. Then click on Process. You will get results similar to this:

Excel Bank Reconcile to GL



The “Unmatched Transactions” are the ones that you’ll want to investigate. There are links to the underlying transactions in GP from the Excel results report that will help you identify and correct the problems.

The “Potentially Matched Transactions” are transactions that do not match on these four criteria:

  1. Transaction Source
  2. Document Number
  3. Transaction Date
  4. Payment/Deposit Amount

You will want to analyze these to see how your records can be adjusted to fix the problems.

The “Matched Transactions” are good and you don’t have to worry about them.

After you have made your changes you can run a new reconciliation to see the results.

Here is a quick video that shows this functionality:

Dynamics GP Inventory Reconcile to GL

Dynamics GP Inventory Reconcile to GL allows you to quickly reconcile your inventory records in GP to your general ledger.

The reconciliation of inventory to the general ledger can be complicated because you may have several general ledger accounts that represent the valuation of your inventory. And there are a lot of transaction types that effect inventory, e.g. purchase orders, cycle counts, sales invoices, quantity/value  adjustments. And if you then use the customer and inventory masterfile to select different GL accounts based on specific customers and items, you can have a real mess if everything isn’t set up correctly.

To run the Dynamics GP Inventory Reconcile to GL process, navigate to the Finance Area Page >> Routines >> Reconcile to GL:


The key with this window is to correctly and completely identify the general ledger accounts that represent your inventory value. Once you’ve selected the appropriate dates, click on “Process” to view the results in Excel.

This is an example of what you’ll see:

Dynamics GP Inventory Reconcile

The “Unmatched Transactions” are the ones that you’ll want to investigate. There are links to the underlying transactions in GP from the Excel results report that will help you identify and correct the problems.

The “Potentially Matched Transactions” are transactions that do not match on these criteria:

  • Transaction Source
  • Journal Entry Number
  • Document Number
  • Date
  • Amount

You will want to analyze these to see how your records can be adjusted to fix the problems.

The “Matched Transactions” are good and you don’t have to worry about them.

After you have made your changes you can run a new reconciliation to see the results.

Here is a quick video that shows this functionality:


Inventory Insights


The type of Dynamics consultant you want

blog pictureI had the pleasure to watch from afar how a fellow consultant dealt with an issue her client was having in GP. I say from afar because I had little to do with the issue but was copied just in case I may be able to help.

The consultants situation involved a third party product to GP and because something was not working her client was faced with receiving fines if the software didn’t start working that day.

Here’s a summary of the events:

8:54 am I see this email come through: CUSTOMER IS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I personally jumped to see what was wrong. It wasn’t really related to me so left it alone as I was sure the people involved would take care of it.

9:29 am Email to ISV that says roughly “here’s the issue, we need new or temporary reg keys for this client”

9:32 am Follow up email with different subject line

9:43 am Another follow up email to ISV

9:47 am Another email to someone else at ISV trying to get a response

9:50 am Email from ISV as follows


Please REFRAIN from sending different emails with totally different subjects as this morning, you have already opened up 3 NEW tickets in our system.  Please use the same one.  We are already looking into this and getting back to you shortly.***************

******Side note**** At this point I’m laughing and we have several people in our office commenting on this issue. I call someone on my team to make sure we can’t do anything to help. I’m assured our team is on top of it and waiting for reg keys so we can get them input for the customer.

9:55 am ISV responds further

9:58 am Crisis is averted and plan put in place to resolve issue completely

I’m sure there were several calls involved as well but I wasn’t privy to those efforts.


I’d like to hear what everyone thinks about this exchange of events. I wrote down a few comments I expected but thought otherwise as I’d like to hear what things come to mind when seeing the summary of events above without me jading the conversation.

OK, one jading comment – I wish I had a consultant that’s persistent and engaged for whatever issues are important to me. I love the fact she got the attention of the people involved and didn’t wait for a response. I’m sure she rather get yelled at for being annoying then risk the client’s well being.

I personally wasn’t much help in this situation but I was aware of the issue and took action just in case I was able to help.

“Doug Pitcher’s OFFICIAL 100 most famous, awesome and totally influential Dynamics people for 2013” is almost here

blog pictureThe drama is building. The countdown is on. I can hardly wait for the release of the “Other List” so we can enjoy another year of snarky awesomeness awards. The whole dynamics world is clamoring about the possible inclusion on the honored Awesome list  (who wouldn’t, it’s awesome) but some are still campaigning for the other list. Here are a few campaigns under way.

My favorite shameless plug is Leslie Vail’s. She mentions the “Other List” but firmly plants herself on the Awesome list. A good multipurpose advertisement. She gets my vote for both lists although I confess (ha) that I hope she is is in the low nineties on the other list so she has a chance at top billing on the awesome list.

The professor wants to get in on the Other list. No mention of the awesome list here so that severely limits his admittance to the awesome list.–2p5b2-9u56230&_v=2

Steve Endow goes all inclusive on his campaign strategy. I like his list. Most, if not all will get some Awesomeness love.

But probably the most ingenious strategy goes to Dwight Specht who is offering free beer for anyone that votes for him. That just might get him nominated to the other list if he’s not careful.

In watching all the above strategies over the course of the past month I’ve come up with my own few pointers on getting on the “Other List” followed by a few tips that will increase your chances on getting on the 2013 Awesome list. Hope you enjoy.

  • Add an “Other List” link to your email signature. Surely someone you communicate with cares about you and will vote for you
  • Get office mates to put an “Other List” link for you in their email signature. Why not flood the world with your name. For example, It’s amazing how many “please vote for Linda Rose. Page 9 on the “Other List”” emails and discussions that have been sent around our office.
  • Get your spouse or significant other to put an “Other List” link in their email. That will keep you somewhat at arms length but still tap into your ancestral pool of potential voters. If your grandma and grandpa or mom and dad won’t vote for you, who will
  • The goldmine is to get your kids to start a social media campaign for dear old Mom or Dad. You bought them a smart phone. Why not put them to work? They are on it all day anyways and you can’t tell me that’s not a better use of time than texting during class. You can even send them a note to school that they have your permission to use their phone for that sole purpose.
  • Hire a temp worker to vote for you. Believe it or not you can vote as many times as you want for yourself. Right now each vote is worth about .01%. I tested this out by voting for Leslie a hundred times. I moved her up a full 1%. Your welcome Leslie.
  • I guess if you can find a sucker like me to vote a hundred times for you there is no need for a temp worker. Maybe the relative approach is the lest expensive way to go. Think of how valuable Grandma or Grandpa would feel if you told them to keep pushing that button or the world is going to end (ha, Lost reference for those that caught that)
  • Consistency is key. Keep blogging and mentioning how much it will mean to be on the “Other List”.
  • If you haven’t started blogging, you better. Everyone I know is voting for David Musgrave like fifty times just because he’s a famous blogger and also in the attempt to get him finally nominated to that “Other List”. (I wish there was a way to take off nominations, like a minus one vote. I have no idea who some of these candidates are and if I don’t know them shouldn’t that decrease their influence?)
  • Finally, if all else fails, cheat. Surely there is some type of script that could be developed to vote automatically. Come on, David Musgrave, if you can’t develop an automated approach to this maybe you don’t belong on the “Other List”.

Ways to get on the Doug Pitcher’s OFFICIAL 100 most famous, awesome and totally influential Dynamics people for 2013:

  • Be Awesome
  • Write a blog saying you wish you were awesome. I excluded Patrick Roth last year from my awesome list only to have him follow up with “I’m so depressed, I’m not awesome this year” post. To be honest, I didn’t know Patrick even knew I thought he was awesome
  • Or let me know you care by introducing yourself. I’m pretty sure half of the people I meet are secretly trying to bump their chances on my most prestigious list
  • Send chocolate
  • Please don’t send too much chocolate. Unlike the “Other List” I’ll know if you are padding the odds in your favor

Dynamics GP 2013 Printer Selection

Our returning road warriors from Convergence 2013 indicated that one of the most popular new features in Dynamics GP 2013 is the ability to select the printer you want to print to when you print a report from Dynamics GP.

In prior versions you could only print to the default printer specified in Dynamics GP.

Just to make it sound more important let’s refer to it as Contemporaneous Printer Selection.

Here’s how the Contemporaneous Printer Selection feature looks when you print a report to the screen and then select to print it to a printer:

Dynamics GP 2013 Printer Selection

Here’s a very short video that shows this being used:

Running checklinks after multicurrency registration and setup in Dynamics GP

imageAfter registering and setting up Multicurrency in Dynamics GP the system prompts the user to run check links on the Multicurrency tables.

This usually isn’t that big of a deal except when there are thousands of transactions and records that need to be updated. This problem occurred for one of our clients today. The person updating the system to include multicurrency selected to add all financial tables to check links on. That was 5pm yesterday. The process completed at 10 am today and had 354k pages in the report.

It’s true. I’m not exaggerating this time. Check it out for yourself.


What’s worse is the user stayed up all night to get this process done at the office. By the time I was called at 6:30 am I had one crabby user when I mentioned “you’re calling me pretty early”. Her reply was a disgruntled “It’s late, not early. I haven’t been to bed.”

Maybe I don’t have the war wounds some of you out in the field consultants do but I can’t remember a check links process returning that many pages of updates. I’ve seen a couple hundred thousand pages before but this almost doubled it.

How about you? What’s the highest number of page results you’ve seen returned by the check links process.

Take this as a warning. Make sure you leave plenty of time when running check links on the financial tables particularly the CM tables.

Or at least bring a pillow and/or have a full pot of coffee ready.

Dynamics GP 2013 (beta) – PO Prepayments

Dynamics GP 2013 includes new functionality that allows you to create prepayments in accounts payable and assign them to specific purchase orders. You can easily do this from the Purchase Order Entry screen. You can enter a prepayment amount that you can then generate a check for using the regular computer check functionality in GP. Or you can create a manual check transaction that is associated with the purchase order.

Lorna Link at InterDyn BMI covers this topic in much more depth at the ERP Software blog, here:

I created this short video to show this new functionality in action:

Dynamics GP 2013 New Features on Playlist

I put together some videos showing some of the new functionality in Dynamics GP 2013. This playlist includes the current collection:

Included in this list:

  • Multiple Selection of Serial Numbers
  • Selecting Serial Numbers on Drop Ship Orders
  • PO Tolerances
  • Suggested Items
  • Home Page Changes
  • Consolidating Invoices
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