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Dynamics GP 2013 (beta) – Consolidated Invoicing

If you use the Advanced Distribution functionality in GP and run the Fulfillment Workflow component, you can combine  numerous orders onto one invoice to your customer. This is handy if you receive many orders from your customers and they want all shipments for a given period of time, consolidated onto one invoice.

To use the this function you must catch all your Fulfillment Order Invoices just prior to the “Confirm Shipment” step in your workflow.

This is the screen from which you select the order shipments you want to consolidate:

Here is a Microsoft PowerPoint that explains this a bit: GP2013 FOD Consolidated Invoicing

Here is a quick video showing this in action.

Here are a couple of drawbacks:

  • If you go past the “Confirm Shipment” step, too bad; you won’t be able to consolidate the orders
  • This seems like an ideal function to include in the sales transaction list action pane; it’s not there

GP and CRM Adapter

If you are not using a decent CRM system, now is the time to consider Microsoft CRM.  CRM 4.0 is a good product, and CRM 2011 (to be released shortly) is a great product.  Microsoft has really added some useful technology in the new release.

We use Microsoft CRM extensively to help manage our technical support activities and new sales opportunities; and to a lesser extent, our marketing activities.  But we are using it as a key part of our automted service delivery for 

You should also consider connecting it to your GP system using the CRM Adapter for GP.  The out-of-the-box integration touch points are depicted here:

Here is a short video from Microsoft on the subject.

Lessons Learned: CRM 4.0 Adapter for GP 10.0

We are excited about this new integration with Microsoft CRM and Dynamics GP, so we jumped right in, and installed it on our production systems. Our systems engineer is a genius, and what follows are his comments related to his experience. Consider this an experiential addendum:

1. Must have GP 10 SP4 applied. (There are caveats to sp4 so be aware)

2. Must have at least rollup5 for CRM applied. (Rollup6 was out in Oct 2009 so I used rollup6)

3. Must have GPwebservices for GP10 sp4 and Management tools sp4 installed.

  • Had issues with the GPwebSerice not showing up in Dynamics Security console.
  • Ran a repair on the GPWebServices and the management tools and it resolved the issue.

4. Must have Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package ATL Security Update applied to same server GPwebservices is installed.;=766a6af7-ec73-40ff-b072-9112bab119c2#filelist

5. Must have domain service accounts created. You can determine how many you need. Recommend at least 3 svc_gpweb, svc_gpcrmadmin, svc_gpcrm.

6. GPWebservice Account – Permissions granted during install.

7. Installation account – The account that installs the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

a. Be a domain user and a member of the Local Administrators group on the server where Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP is to be installed.
b. Be assigned at least the dbcreator and securityadmin server roles on the SQL server where the MSDI database is to be stored

8. Integration account – The account that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter Service runs as. Permissions granted during install of Dynamics GP CRM adapter.

9. Configuration account – The account that runs the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Configuration Utility.

a. This account must be able to modify the membership of the CRM PrivUserGroup Security Group in the domain that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Servers are joined to.
b. If this account is not in the db_datareader and db_datawriter roles for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization databases, you must use a SQL Server user name and password to update the Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization databases.

10. Integration GP account – The account that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP uses to connect to Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Services.
a. Permissions granted in the Dynamics Security Console

11. Integration CRM account – The account that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP uses to connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web Services.
a. This account must belong to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM User that has organizational-level read privileges for system user on the CRM Organization that you plan to integrate.

12. CRM Deployment Administrator account – The account that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Configuration Utility uses to retrieve a list of Microsoft Dynamics CRM organizations and apply customizations to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM organizations.

13. GP Adapter configuration – Had an error: application domain …… Only way to fix it was uninstall adapter and remove MSDI database. (just removing database may have fixed it but just uninstall did not)

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