Doug Pitcher’s OFFICIAL 100 most famous, awesome and totally influential Dynamics people for 2013

blog pictureIt has come to my attention that the Other list has been released and those included in this list are throwing celebratory victory parties and are paying their temp workers (those they’ve hired to sit and press the vote button all day) their promised bonus checks.

I’m not too sure what to think about that Other List. Maybe its because I’m uncool but I have no idea who most of these people are. I know all the Microsoft big wigs from the US and I know all the bloggers but that only makes up like 20% of the list. The other people on the Other List are a mystery to me. How about you? How many people have you heard of on the Other list? Now compare that to the Doug Pitcher’s OFFICIAL 100 most famous, awesome and totally influential Dynamics people for 2012. Chances are if you are awesome yourself you know 80 to 90 percent of the people on my list. It’s can’t be a coincidence.

As always, I feel its important to recognize the proper people for their awesomeness from the past year. I had one person email me and ask when the Real List was coming out.  Wait no longer my Awesome friends. The third annual DPO100MFATIDP for 2013 is officially here.

  1. Doug Pitcher – It’s my dang list so why not rig the ballot.
  2. Linda Rose – Hard to move up over Mrs. Rose when she is awesome enough to take the Rose team to Tahiti for a reward trip this past year.
  3. Leslie Vail – Leslie’s campaign to be on the awesome list has not gone unrewarded. It started with her plea for votes on the awesome list as the Other list is just not that cool. She is so great that even that didn’t help as she got voted in for the Other list. Now she followed up with a formal apology which is humbly accepted. You rock Leslie. Congrats on your spectacular-ness.
  4. Kirill Tatarinov – Kind of here by default. When you lead MBS I guess you need to be at the top. I’ve taken pictures with him and have been surprised at how short he is. Kind of like Tom Cruise or Ryan Seacrest.
  5. Victoria Yudin – Just this morning a consultant said to me “I found something on Victoria’s site that…” When a consultant can drop the single name Victoria and no one thinks of lingerie you know you’re awesome.
  6. Steve Chapman – Movie (youtube counts right?) star. Demo king. If you don’t know who Steve is you don’t know how to use the internet.
  7. Doug White – He just did a thousand mile walkabout in Australia. Sounds pretty tough as nails to me.
  8. Tami Jones – Tami gave Doug White a hard time last year as she was listed above him on the list and was so cool she was listed twice. Does this make up for last years oversight Doug
  9. Dwight Specht – Try as Dwight did he couldn’t crack the Other list. In his nomination campaign he even offered free beer. Not sure what else he could of done. No worries Dwight. You’re still awesome.
  10. Aaron Donat – Senior escalation engineer at MBS. I always try to go straight to him but he’s often working on solving the economic crisis in Greece or advising Bill Gates as to where he should focus his philanthropic efforts. When I met him in person for the first time in NO he gave me something like $50 in casino chips as he didn’t want to cash them and he’d already made $50,000 at roulette (or there abouts).
  11. Jivtesh Singh – MVP and all around great guy. How do I know he’s an awesome guy? Check out this blog post where he encourages everyone not to vote for him but to vote twice for David Musgrave. I also met Jivtesh at Convergence for the first time in New Orleans. He indicated I was the most humorous blogger in the community. If I can’t be helpful I might as well be entertaining.
  12. Melissa Sanders- Our lovely and quite dashing office administrator. She threatened to cut my payroll check in half and not do my expense reimbursements for six months if she got as low of a rating this year. I guess bribes or threats work to make it on the top 100 list.
  13. Mathcbox Twenty – I almost got in a fight with someone at the Matchbox Twenty concert. (I wish I was that tough). Some 6’ 3’ dude and his 7’ 2” girlfriend stepped in front of Tami Jones and she wasn’t impressed because it blocked her perfect view of Robby. Jeff Demaria started puffing up and I thought we were going to see some pocket protectors fly. I always get a kick out of accountants gone wild at events such as this.
  14. Rebecca Bunas – AKA the Rock Star. The phrase I’m with Rebecca still works wonders.
  15. Terry Heley – I have clients that want payroll updates when they are available. I always feel like I’m cheating as I usually just wait for Terry’s updates so I don’t have to monitor payroll all the time.
  16. Daryl Anderson – One of our go to guys for help with web clients and Dynamics in general
  17. Errol Schoenfish – Errol saw me across a crowded bar (sound like the start to an awesome song) and he yelled out “where’s Rebecca?” I take it that he knew who I was. I’m Rebecca’s groupie.
  18. Julie Rague- She was so gleeful to be included last year on the awesome list she started recruiting future candidates by introducing me to everyone she knows. It went something like this: “Do you know Doug? He has this amazing list that I’m on”. Great conversation starter.
  19. Mariano Gomez – I wanted to see the fight between Mariano and Mark when I listed Mariano first. I also met up with Mariano at Convergence (OK, the truth was he let me take a picture and get his autograph).
  20. Mark Polino – Mark went on a free fall this year on the awesome list. I still think he’s pretty cool but without any interactions with him this year (other than me swooning from afar) its hard to make it any higher than his ranking on the Other List.
  21. Kofi Annan – There is always a spot for the keynote speaker at convergence
  22. Tami Jones – She fixed my laptop and sent it back with my desktop filled with pictures of all the things we did last year including Tahiti, closing down Bourbon Street, and visiting the CN tower in Toronto. I’m sure we do work when we are together but the pictures are incriminating.
  23. Katie Hasbargen – DYNAA program lead. Took our group on a riverboat tour in NO. It pays to be in the good graces of awesome people like Katie.
  24. Don Morton – Football coach, mentor and site leader over the Dynamics Academic Alliance (DYNAA)
  25. Patrick Roth- One of the coolest support engineers around. His mad dexterity skills are the talk of the town. As he walks down the hall women AND men faint at just the sight of him. I hope you never make the Other List Patrick so you can keep heading up the charts on the Real list.
  26. Lori Pugh-Erdle – North American Manager-service accounts managers is her official title. That sounds pretty official but I’d guess everyone that knows her would say she’s just plain cool.
  27. Lyndsey Creamer – If you know what the DYNAA is you know Lyndsey. She’s awesome.
  28. Ashley Pecoraro – New DYNAA team member that pulled off an incredible preconvergence event for all the college professors using Dynamics.
  29. Sandy Sigsbee – Our office admin that keeps me doing what I should be doing. I often get a call from her scolding me for wasting my time writing silly blog posts and not looking after the customer. Sorry Sandy is a common phrase that I’ve learned to repeat most believably
  30. Doug Kennedy – He’s great and deserves to be on this list.
  31. Chris Dew – He’s pretty cool. I sat with him during lunch at the Partner Event. I felt like I was one of the cool kids for a meal.
  32. Nick Hoban – Moving Nick up on the list last year didn’t get me that MVP vote so I’m at a loss.
  33. Frank Hamelly – Whenever I see an email come over from Frank to our team I always think “Is that the real Frank Hamelly?” So I guess he must be famous.
  34. Chastidy Ruiz – Fellow consultant and technical support buddy. Whenever there is giggling in the office everyone knows we are talking serious consulting type business.
  35. Terry Carlton – Terry told me about a motorbike accident he was in and how he has a bionic arm now. Anyone that has been in a bike accident (bmx or motorized) must be awesome.
  36. Mohammad Daoud – A great resource to the MBS community and fellow blogging buddy
  37. Mark Rockwell – Mark yelled at me this year during a presentation about the cloud. (OK, I’ll tell the truth. He strongly disagreed with my opinion). I still think he’s awesome.
  38. Vaidy Mohan – Vaidy last year commented that it was “Heavenly” to be on the awesome list. He even submitted an official acceptance speech. If that’s not awesome I don’t know what is.
  39. Cheryl Mortvedt – Fellow support person whom I usually team up with to beat up on unsuspecting Microsoft support people at the annual partner advantage meetings.
  40. Todd Schultz- Chair of the DYNAA. One of the pioneers to use a cloud based solution in an academic setting.
  41. Tami Jones – Alright I caved into peer pressure. This is her third listing on the awesome list. I had about 30,001 unique emails and over 400,001 votes confirming she should be on the Real list. With those statistics you can tell that this list is far more reliable than the Other list.
  42. Dana Willmer – Anyone that is willing to guide me around any ski hill is down right cool. If that ski hill is Whistler you get a spot on the awesome list.
  43. Mark Stuyt- He’s not as cool as Dana even though we skied Whistler together. OK, I’m just jealous because he’s a better skier than me and he mocked my Canadian accent.
  44. Jennie Davis – The partner channel head hauncho. The Partner Event is being held in Tampa this year. Something must be going right to move the event from Fargo to…anywhere else. ha.
  45. Mike Feori – This will probably be Mike’s last year on the list. He retired (which is awesome) but it’s hard to stay awesome while watching tomato’s grow all day is the bulk of your duties.
  46. Beat Bucher- Blogger and MVP and fellow Canadian. Most Canadians are special so he gets automatic placement on the Awesome list.
  47. Liane McIlraith – There’s always that one consultant everyone wants to work with. Liane is that consultant. I often try to get her opinion on things but she is usually booked until mid next year.
  48.   Jeff Demaria – He’s low on my list as he almost got me into a fight as described above. He did let me drag him out until the wee hours of the morning the final night of Convergence then missed his flight because he passed out at 5 am. (I told you not to go to sleep). I banged on his door for 15 minutes then gave up and left him (not cool, I know). All the flights were booked from NO the next day so he rented a car and drove to Houston and flew out from there. That’s pretty awesome, right?
  49. Jesse Byam – When I first moved back to Canada several years back he found my resume somewhere and tried to recruit me to be a part of his team. After knowing him for a long time now I’m glad I didn’t pursue that offer as I don’t think we’d get anything done. He’s too much fun and I’m a sucker for fun things.
  50. John Espinoza – When I think of a man that will take charge of things he’s it.
  51. Tim Cruickshank – Poor Tim lost his way and didn’t make it to Convergence. I had people asking me in the hallways where Rebecca was and if Tim was there to do some more breakdancing.
  52. Christina Philips – How do you feel to be way more awesomer than Steve Endow, Christina?
  53. Steve Endow – I’ve followed Steve’s blog for a long time. He’s usually pretty technical and has great insight into Dynamics issues.
  54. Francisco Hillyer – I don’t know too many people as technical as Franky and his love of all things Dynamics. In fact, whenever I head off to a conference he drools and makes me promise to take a T-shirt and grab the autographs of everyone on this awesome list. I have collected autographs but am greedy so have kept the various T-shirt and hung them on my wall. Sorry Franky.
  55. Anya Ciecierski – I’m impressed Anya is holding strong on the Other list. Her popularity is soaring. Her work with the ERP bloggers is no doubt doing wonderful things.
  56. Richard Whaley – The professor is a likeable character. I questioned his inclusion on the list as he totally sold out and took out paid advertising on the Microsoft site. Although anyone with a Segway must be cool so I’m keeping him on the list.
  57. John Lowther – I’ve seen him on stage at a couple of Microsoft type events so assume he’s a smarty pants. He referenced my awesome list on his blog so he must be awesome.
  58. David Musgrave – I’m sorry to report David finally made the Other List. I’m sure his inclusion is a relief to all but it does nothing for his standing on the Awesome list. Take it as an honor to be the last person included on the Awesome list for 2013, David.

Notable exclusions:

  • Colin Powell- One and done inclusion on the Real list. He was cool because he came and spoke at Convergence in 2012 but I haven’t heard from him since
  • Bethany Eighmy – Decided to leave the DYNAA team for greener pastures. She’s still cool but her awesomeness certainly took a beating as she no longer hangs with the awesome crowd on a daily basis
  • Barack Obama
  • Elvis Presley
  • Lebron James
  • Charles Ramsey

Final voting has been done. Adjustments are anticipated and probably expected depending on future presents and bribes received.

Anyone on the above list can proudly use the DPO100MFATIDP for 2013 label on their email signature as desired.

Congratulations and have another great year of being Awesome.

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