Running checklinks after multicurrency registration and setup in Dynamics GP

imageAfter registering and setting up Multicurrency in Dynamics GP the system prompts the user to run check links on the Multicurrency tables.

This usually isn’t that big of a deal except when there are thousands of transactions and records that need to be updated. This problem occurred for one of our clients today. The person updating the system to include multicurrency selected to add all financial tables to check links on. That was 5pm yesterday. The process completed at 10 am today and had 354k pages in the report.

It’s true. I’m not exaggerating this time. Check it out for yourself.


What’s worse is the user stayed up all night to get this process done at the office. By the time I was called at 6:30 am I had one crabby user when I mentioned “you’re calling me pretty early”. Her reply was a disgruntled “It’s late, not early. I haven’t been to bed.”

Maybe I don’t have the war wounds some of you out in the field consultants do but I can’t remember a check links process returning that many pages of updates. I’ve seen a couple hundred thousand pages before but this almost doubled it.

How about you? What’s the highest number of page results you’ve seen returned by the check links process.

Take this as a warning. Make sure you leave plenty of time when running check links on the financial tables particularly the CM tables.

Or at least bring a pillow and/or have a full pot of coffee ready.

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