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WPC day three keynote

I always try to hit every keynote at any conference I’m at not matter how tired I am. I may nod off occasionally but it’s still worth going.

Here are some notes I took:

Kevin Turner

Always fun to hear him. He’s a great competitor and leader and always has a good jab at his competitors. (AKA Apple)

It’s time to go big or go home

April 2014 Windows XP will be put to sleep. It’s time has come.

You can’t make this stuff up. SIRI’s response to “What is the best cell phone ever?” Came up as a Microsoft phone.

Bing leading Google in relevance more of the time at this point according to Kevin’s resources.

The jabs were frequent and the response was lively from the crowd.

Deepak Chopra

A good leader: Remember the past. Rejoice in the present. Re-imagine the future

Ecology is THE new science. Talked a lot about biology, the body, and how they interact.

Seven keys to leadership

1. Look and listen- Not networking but true relationships 95% of our genes relate to our lifestyle. In 4 month you can turn off bad genes and highlight good genes.

2. Emotional bonding-

3. Awareness- Expand awareness.

Missed these two. Anyone pick them up?

6. Responsibility-

7. Synchronicity-


True purpose of why we are here?

To heal, be happy ,and serve each other.

Questions for Dr. Chopra:

Do you curse in a stressful situation? NO. He Stop’s, take deep breathes, then compliment the person.

Life centered moment awareness. The best time in your life is now. The most important person in your life is who you are with.

Advice on true self esteem.

in all it was very relevant and great advice in a relatively short time.

MBS announced WPC is in Houston next year. I’m not sure if everyone knew that already, was disappointed with the location, or just was stunned from the early morning time frame but it was a warm/cool reception from the crowd that next year WPC is in Houston.

A good session all around.

WPC 2012 day one summary and day two keynote

It’s amazing how many different countries are represented by the 16000+ attendees. I’m pretty sure I can ride almost any shuttle from my hotel and be surrounded by dozens of people speaking any numbers of languages.

The keynote from yesterday is summarized by Dwight Specht pretty well. I was really impressed by the large touch screen application as well. I could see the future where these screens are used in every office and classroom. The price needs to come down just a tad as they are $80,000 a pop.

I’m always lost going through the WPC expo as most of the booths are relating to everything other than the Dynamics product line.  I also got lost literally in the expo looking for the US region area. A co-worker sent me in the wrong direction and I ended at the far end of the expo hall. After travelling through Germany, Brittan, France, Japan, I finally found the US region next to Canada. Not bad for a 30 minute walk.

There are tons of Microsoft people walking around. Talked with a MBS RMS partner representative. It sounds like the migration path from RMS after it goes away in the next couple of years is to a POS lighter version of AX. That will be a joy in 2015.

Had several Microsoft people try to tell us we need to move to technologies that are being released in the next couple of months. Not sure if I offended them or not when I mentioned we are going to wait until service pack 3 of any Microsoft release. I was mostly kidding but it was fun seeing the reaction.

Just saw a 10 GBS file be transferred in 10 seconds on Windows Server 2012. Pretty good performance.

Kirill Tartarinov shows off with Errol some of the Dynamics bells and whistles. I was sitting next to a whole group a people looking fairly cross eyed. I can just see the typical blank stare of the normal IT person that wants to stay away as far as possible for the scary financial system.

Wearing pink shirts today. That’s what happens when we leave T-shirt design and  ordering up to the ladies in the office.

Kick off to WPC

Took a red eye into Toronto last night so I could enjoy the day with the RoseASP team. We decided to check out Niagra Falls which was pretty incredible.

 niagra 094

Road the maid of the mist and got to see horseshoe falls up close.niagra 095

Tami checking out the border between the USA and Canada.niagra 096

Here’s a close up look of the falls. Really fun and amazing to see this in person.niagra 102

We are in Canada so Jeff is posing with the Canadian mountie mouse.

niagra 110

I promise to report on WPC tomorrow but today was a day of fun.

Hope to see everyone there.

Error Posting to Table POP30390. Restore from a backup if possible

Had a support call where customer with a brand new Dynamics GP 2010 Install, all 282962_4217420760459_350721136_nupdates applied, literally the latest and greatest from Microsoft (Except SP3 we are still testing it in our labs).

The call was interesting because a batch held in Financial coming from Receipt entry was stuck with the following conditions:

  • The transactions where doubled (2 journal entries per transaction)
  • and a singular message: ERROR: Posting to table POP30390. Restore from a backup if possible.


Error 2

I did search Bing right away with no good looking  results. I did the initial review as always with the dexsql.log file until something interesting appeared to be holding the transaction the “Breakdown Allocation” field. This field was enabled, so first things first, backup and restore to test company, I updated the field to 0, removed the doubled JE’s from the batch and it posted just fine.

Later on I skipped to old friend Google and it did brought a case in the community that suggested the same approach user Vishal Pandya1 suggested the same fix however this case appeared for them after an upgrade for GP 10 SP3 to SP5.

The case can be found here Error Purchase receipt batch would not post


Have a great day!!!


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