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How to remove the Connect section on the HomePage in Dynamics GP (via SQL)

Hello fellow readers, a few of us work in environments where we support many 282962_4217420760459_350721136_nusers or even better many instances of GP at a time.


Lately for many of our customers the Connect section has not been working as expected, for a few its just an ugly Error 404: File or directory not Found.

Error 1


Or simply it has been getting in the way of Integration Manager. Even when many colleagues like Mariano Gomez, Mark Polino, David Musgrave, Leslie Vail and others have provided help to the community on this issues. One question remained unanswered: How to massively remove it without the administrator login into each account?.

Famous engineer Tami Jones from the RoseASP team came up to my beach front office with a wonderful view of the Pacific ocean (ok it’s a 3 wall cubicle with no view) and asked me how can we automate this process as you know we team up with myGPcloud as well.


So I decided to take a look at the homepage behavior and came up with the following descriptions:


SectionID Value 1 is the ToDo Section
SectionID Value 2 is the Outlook Section
SectionID Value 3 is the Metrics Section
SectionID Value 4 is the My Reports Section
SectionID Value 5 is the Quick Links Section
SectionID Value 6 is the Connect Section


The table responsible for storing the values to display or hide those sections is SY08100 in Dynamics DB. So here is the script that will help you remove the connect section:


Code 1

With a little tweak you can limit the update statement to work only on 1 user or a set of users.

Always remember to backup your database and try statements in a test DB.


Have a great day!!!


Dynamics GP 2010 Service Pack 3 Released

Hello all, it has been a while since my last post, I have been busy working a few projects that took my attention completely.282962_4217420760459_350721136_n


I have not forgotten about you so here I am bringing good news. Dynamics GP 2010 Service pack is out.

We all have been very excited about this release as it fixes many issues for Analytical Accounting that we were working around. On my favorite topic, eConnect headaches will go away with SOP and PO.


Manufacturing has some improvements as well, so ok I will now provide you with the direct link to download from Microsoft’s website, remember to use your credentials to access this password protected site!!.


Have a great day!!!

Moonlighting Bloggers

We’ve been contributing to this blog for over four years. There are a number of us that contribute on a regular basis. One of my thankless tasks is to gently encourage (ad nauseam) my co-workers to thoughtfully create profound content for this blog.

One of the outstanding contributors has been Mike Feori. His direct and powerful prose has brought thousands of readers to this blog (Really. No kidding.).

So now it’s come to my attention that Mike has been wasting his creative talent blogging for someone else! I know. I can’t believe it either. But look right here!

And as if that’s not enough, Mike is also making a career transition from gainful employment, to other pursuits; among them, I suspect, are micro-farming and listening to Black Sabbath albums.

The sense of abandonment I feel is deep.

Carry on.

Using Professional Service Tools Library to change the account format in Dynamics GP

headshot of Doug blogI’m not sure when I turned into a techie accounting geek but none the less I have. I used to have fun playing sports, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. Maybe it happened when I got married and had kids? Whatever the catalyst I now find enjoyment by fixing problems and helping clients.

So you don’t have to point out that I’m a geek. I already know it.

One point of proof is how I’ve really enjoyed using the PSTL over the past couple of months after Microsoft announced the tool set is now free for all users. In the past the tool cost around $1000 per tool and a customer would only buy a tool if there was an ongoing or critical need. With all the tools at my disposal I’ve found several customers that needed to clean parts of their system up but have not been able to do so in the past.

One of the PSTL tools is the Account Modifier/Combiner tool. One of our customers had an older lingering database that originally started with Small Business Manager. At the time they set up the system they thought they would never grow and would not need multiple segments for their chart of accounts (short sighted and not sure what they were thinking when this was implemented originally). They have grown and have multiple databases now but this older database was still on a four digit, one segment, COA. Because of that every month the customer would export out their financial reports to excel and manually consolidate numbers with their other reports.

To fix this I used PSTL’s Account Modifier, a little ingenuity, and Leslie Vail’s blog post to decrease number of digits in the account format. Here’s the process I used to change the account structure from XXXX to XX-XXXX-XX.

  1. Make a backup of the company database (I always do this first)
  2. Uninstalled the previous PSTL the client had installed. They had purchased an older tool set in the past so needed to uninstall and reinstall with this newly release PSTL version. Included in it is the free reg keys under the Read Me file.
  3. Changed the account format to XXXX-XXXX-XX under Tools>>setup>>company>>account format
  4. I added the 00’s to the third segment using mass modify under Cards>>financial>>mass modify but thinking back I probably could have just modified the account using PSTL at this point
  5. Used PSTL account modifier to modify the accounts. Left digit 3 and 4 in the first segment blank
  6. Ran Tools>>utilities>>system>>reconcile>>account format setup table. This decreased the account format to XX-XXXX-XX just like I wanted. All the account numbers have to have a blank in the appropriate space for the reconcile utility to work
  7. Added the newly corrected company to the FRx tree so consolidations will happen automatically

I’m not exactly sure why the PSTL was changed to be a freebie but can say it has always been a pain in the past to install and get reg keys for. Almost like it was in it’s own little MBS world. Whatever caused the freebie to come I’ll take it.

Like I’ve said I’ve had a lot of fun showing customers what they can do with PSTL and all for free. I’d warn any of you not to try the above unless you are already a geek, married, or have kids. I’d hate to be the cause of making anyone uncool prematurely as there is no doubt you will have fun when you try it.

Dynamics GP Mashup – Easy to Make Dashboard

I was experimenting the other day to get Management Reporter data and other Dynamics GP data together in one easy to make dashboard. It turned out to be easier than I had thought it might be.

Early in the process I came across some antiquities from Jan Harrigan that pointed me in the right direction regarding Management Reporter. It was easy to adapt her ideas about FRx, to MR:

Executive Reporting: Using Excel Charts with FRx
Graphing with FRx

I easily modified one of my detailed MR reports to just produce the summary information I wanted for my dashboard. And then I print the report and export to Excel. Use the same file name every time. The result is the graph that shows in the upper left part of the dash board.

Next I just added the other graphs I wanted, using refreshable Excel reports from Dynamics GP. I’ve shown this a few times here:

Simple Dashboards Using GL Summaries and Excel Reports for Dynamics GP
Creating a Simple Dashboard Using Excel Reports

Here’s the result:

This is a video showing how to get the Management Reporter information and make it available for use in Excel:

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