Doug Pitcher’s OFFICIAL 100 most famous, awesome and totally influential Dynamics people for 2012

headshot of DougI’m not sure why I get a kick out of being snarky as I’m usually a very positive person in real life. But I do.

I’ve been waiting for for DynamicsWorld’s Microsoft Dynamics Most Influential People Top 100 list all year. I was hoping that maybe the fine folks at Dynamics World would see my great contribution to the Dynamics community over the past year and put me maybe 100 on the list. Alas, my random thoughts during my infrequent blog posts were not enough to convince anyone of my value to the community. I wonder if they expanded the list to 1000 I’d have a shot? Last years Awesome list can be found here in case anyone was wondering if they improved on their awesomeness over the year.

Reading over the list I must admit to only knowing a fraction of the winning nominees. Maybe it’s a UK thing versus a North America thing.

From here on out in this post I will refer to that other list as the “Other” list. No need to dig up painful memories for all those that were wrongfully omitted from the Other list.

So without further ado I now present the second annual “Doug Pitcher’s OFFICIAL 100 Most Famous, Awesome and Totaly Influential Dynamics People for 2012” or DPO100MFATIDP2012 for short.

  1. Doug Pitcher – Once again, it’s my dang list so I’m putting my name at the top
  2. Linda Rose – Until someone convinces me Linda is not the most intelligent and forward thinking person I’ve ever worked with she’ll stay at the top as well. There are other Dynamics hosting companies out there but there is only one Linda Rose.
  3. David Musgrave – Until David actually makes the Dynamics world list I’ll keep him at the top of my list. I’ve actually had quite a fun time with David over the past year and him not being on that other list makes me really question it’s validity.
  4. Mark Polino – Mark went out of his way to say hi to me at Convergence. Even if you are on the Other list I’ll let that slide. I think you should brand the “50 tips and tricks” phrase and sell it on eBay or something Mark. You’d make a gazillion with how well known that is now.
  5. Mariano Gomez – I felt bad for Mariano this year as he slid to 66 from 30 on the Other list. You know you are losing your magic when you go on a free fall as bad as that.
  6. Leslie Vail – An MVP and totally awesome person so of course she still gets her name in the spotlight. I don’t see her on the Other list this year so this only solidifies her position at the top
  7. Nick Hoban – Still waiting for the MVP vote Nick. Would putting you higher on my Awesome list help?
  8. Victoria Yudin – I make money off of sending customers to Victoria’s website. It’s not often I can’t find a solution to someone’s reporting questions by just referencing her blog. It’s not wrong to charge someone just for knowing where the answer to their question is, is it?
  9. Kirill Tatarinov – When you are the big wig of MBS I guess it would make my Awesome list seem invalid if I didn’t put him on here.
  10. Mohammad Daoud – Sorry Mohammad about your snubbing this year on the Other list. Try bribing your family to vote for you like Dwight Specht did last year.
  11. Dwight Specht – Speak of the devil. He made the Other list last year but not this year which only improves his chance at getting a higher placement in my rankings. I sat with Dwight on a partner panel this year for the DYNAA. I felt like a little fish sitting next to a shark. He has quite an impressive aura around him.
  12. Tami Jones- Our whole company is run by women and Tami fits the mould of dynamic take charge type person. She’s the backbone behind the RASP team and does a great job interacting with customers.
  13. Doug White – Grumpiest guy I know but one heck of a systems architect. He’s the smart Doug in the company.
  14. Colin Powell – Keynote speaker at Convergence so why not put him here.
  15. Terry Heley – When I have payroll questions I turn to Terry. She’s a great MBS resource.
  16. Steve Chapman – Steve is the all around social media king. 20000 twitter followers and 100’s of youtube videos. We have people calling in just to talk to the famous Steve Chapman.
  17. Rebecca Bunas – AKA Rock Star. The phrase I’m with Rebecca works wonders.
  18. Errol Schoenfish – I met Errol at Convergence in person and he knew who I was because I was with Rebecca. It helps to be with the band sometimes.
  19. Julie Rague- Rebecca’s friend that puts up with me tagging along as they spend the night talking about girl things and the good ole days.
  20. Mark Rockwell – Mellowed down on the outfits this year as they went for the bartender looks. That won’t get you any higher on my list Mark. Try a “Get out of the 70’s” theme next year and dress up as hippies and have the disco music pumping. That would get you some serious points on my list.
  21. Tami Jones – She’s so cool I’m putting her on the list twice.
  22. Katie Hasbargen – DYNAA program lead. Took over the main operational duties of the DYNAA this year. I was invited to go to a hockey game with the DYNAA this year and if that doesn’t get you on my Awesome list nothing will.
  23. Don Morton – Football coach, mentor and site leader over the Dynamics Academic Alliance (DYNAA)
  24. Bethany Eighmy – Part of the DYNAA team that brought myGPcloud to universities
  25. Lyndsey Creamer – the other part of the DYNAA team that brought myGPcloud to universities
  26. Jesse Byam – It’s blizzarding outside my office right now and I bet Jesse is still in shorts. We missed you at Convergence this year Jess.
  27. Doug Kennedy – Rebecca and I ran into him coming back from the ball park in Atlanta. I started chatting with him and he admitted to not knowing who I was. But I was with Rebecca so he was still willing to talk to me.
  28. Chris Dew – Our RASP booth was next to eOne this past year so I got to see how famous Chris really is. 1000’s of people flocked around him as he discussed the finer points of politics, the seperation of church and state, and how to resolve the conflict in the middle east. At least I assumed he was talking about that as there was a never ending flow of customers waiting to talk with him.
  29. Francisco Garcia Hillyer – Second year in a row for Francisco on this list. He’s smarter than me so I need to keep him happy so he’ll help me when I get stuck with anything.
  30. Terry Carlton – I still like Terry so he stays on the list by default.
  31. Donte Kim – Nodus founder
  32. Tim Cruickshank – Been on several customer panels over the past couple of years at Convergence relating to Manufacturing and healthcare. He also lets me hang out with him so I feel cool.
  33. Vaidy Mohan – Still a blogging buddy. Maybe we’lll meet up eventually.
  34. Cheryl Mortvedt – Fellow support person whom I usually team up with to beat up on unsuspecting Microsoft support people at the annual partner advantage meetings.
  35. Todd Schultz- Chair of the DYNAA. Leading the way to bring myGPcloud to the academic setting.
  36. Richard Whaley – I almost got ran over by Richard as he drove his stand up scooter thing around. Only Awesome people have one of those so I guess you can stay on the list.
  37. Jennie Davis – The partner channel head hauncho. No partner event this past year so only said hi to Jennie in passing.
  38. Mike Feori – Payroll specialist. When Terry doesn’t know the answer I turn to Mike.
  39. Beat Bucher- Commented on my last Awesome list so gets a place on this years list. Hey, it’s my list and I can decide who is awesome or not.
  40. Liane McIlraith – Most knowledgeable GP training and implementer and nicest person anyone knows. She actually yelled at someone this year….and then apologized for it. We were really proud of her up until the apology part.
  41. Christina Philips – Another Blogger extraordinaire.
  42. Melissa Sanders- She writes the payroll checks in our company so I need to be nice to her.
  43. Carol Yacht- Dynamcis GP author of educational books. I’m scheduled to be on a panel with her next week at an educational conference. If you ask anyone about academic books her book is one of the main ones out there.
  44. Frank Hamelly – I’m sorry Frank. You made the Other list this year so I just can’t put you as high on my list.
  45. Anya Ciecierski – I still don’t know how to pronounce her name and since she made it on the Other list she gets to pull up the rear with Frank. Just having fun Anya. Please keep inviting us to your blogging luncheons and web training on how to write effective and useful blog posts.
  46. Patrick Roth (Late addition)- Somehow I forgot about Patrick Roth. I didn’t see any comments from Patrick last year on my list so assumed he didn’t care if I thought he was awesome or not. 
  47. John Lowther (Late Addition)- Anyone that references my awesome list on their blog must be awesome.

Well that’s more than 37. I guess I met 8 new people this year so my Awesome list is growing by leaps and bounds.

Did I miss anyone? I’m sure I did and am not above adding to the list if my attention is brought to a worthy candidate.

As always, chocolates and candy are an appropriate bribe if you want to nominate yourself and I’ll take the matter under consideration with my nomination committee.

Have a great year being Awesome everyone.

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