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I hate to say I told you so. One significant reason to move to the cloud for Dynamics GP.

I’ve read a lot of articles on how moving Dynamics GP to the cloud will effect the Dynamics community. I’ve also read a post about how a cloud approach affects partners.

Let me share an experience that happened today to discuss a significant reason on why Dynamics GP customers should consider moving to a cloud deployment.

A client called in and stated she had no GL account information in her system.


I’ve seen it where security has made it so you can’t see any GL accounts so I ran with the normal troubleshooting steps to resolve that issue. Nothing worked. I queried the GL00100 table and sure enough nothing was in the account master table.

No sweat. Let’s restore from a backup from last night. The accountant was completely confident in her IT team as she confirmed just a few short weeks ago all backups were being preformed and all data was secure. She did this as I had mentioned the option of moving to the cloud as a way to minimize risk with botched backups. I specifically said “I’ve seen it time and time again. Something happens and you need to restore your company database. You go to your IT team and there is no backups being done so you loose several months worth of data.”

I received a call a few minutes later from a panicked IT manager stating no backups have been done since November 29th, 2011. That’s five months ago. The SQL backups had been failing and they had been backing up the same file for five months. They are using SQL Express so the notification of failed backups are non existent.

After restoring the database to a test company with the files they provided we discovered the backup was actually from November 4th, 2011 which just so happen to be before their year end close and all their audit adjustments were entered, six months ago. We also verified the other 5 companies they have had not been being backed up as well.

Without a backup we are left trying to figure out what happened and determine how to resolve. Come to find out the accounting manager mistakenly used the clear data option instead of the check links function on all the financial tables in GP. We are now in the process of recreating all GL tables and CM tables back to November 4th, 2011. But the GL information will have to be recreated from that point on by running posting reports from all sub modules and GL entries being re-entered. There just so happens to have been quite a bit of activity done in this company since November (approximately 10 million in sales). This would have been no big deal with a valid backup in place.

How would moving to the cloud fix a situation like this? Backups are monitored and verified. Every Monday our hosting company (RoseASP) randomly takes a backup of an existing customer and restores it to a test company. The backup is verified and the customer can go in and verify the data as well. The hosting company is interested and concerned about each customers backup plan and goes through several steps to ensure there is a disaster plan in place.

It is now 1 am in the morning and I have been working on fixing this mess since 11 am yesterday morning. There is a lot of data and the insert scripts take a long time and there is no DTS tool with SQL Express. I have copied over each table with an insert script for each GL and CM table individually. I guess I’m in part writing this post because I’m grumpy and I feel like saying “I told you so.”

One good thing has come about this situation. The client is now sold on moving to the cloud. They should be moved over by next week.

Do you use the Cycle Count functionality in GP?

Our latest poll indicated that the use of the Cycle Count functionality in Dynamics GP is not overwhelming.

The Cycle Count functionality is a great tool to keep on top of your inventory, and is certainly less stressful than doing a 100% count once or more in a year.

Here is a blog article that explains the process:

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