Thoughts on Convergence 2012

If you think that Convergence is a waste of time and money, you haven’t been to Convergence. If you think it’s long, tiring, and requires a lot of effort, you’re probably right.

I go to Convergence to talk with Dynamics Partners and Users. I don’t go to any sessions. I don’t spend much time looking at software products and services offered by other partners. I don’t even eat much of the food. I talk with people about Dynamics; how they use it, what they like about it, what they don’t, and what they’d like to do with it.

Every Dynamics user I talk with heartily agrees that Convergence is a worthwhile use of their time and money. The most enthusiastic are those who are attending Convergence for the first time. Most of them are downright bubbly as they describe their experiences over those few days. We had several customers join is in Houston this year. There were several first-timers. All of them loved it.

These are some of the reasons first-timers love it:

  • They get to discuss the issues they may be having with another set of very knowledgeable people
  • They become aware of a broader range of functionality available in their existing systems
  • They decide that, “OK. Now it’s time to upgrade.”
  • They discover several ways to solve problems or increase the benefits of their systems with small additional investments
  • Microsoft does a pretty good job of executing a fun and interesting convention experience
  • They get to talk with lots of other users, doing all sorts of things with Dynamics
  • They get to see Kirill live and in action, and Doug Kennedy may play the drums
  • They get to visit an interesting place they may have never been to before
  • They know that there will most likely be another Convergence within 12 months

So next year we’re going to New Orleans. Will you be there?

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