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A get/change operation on table ‘pcSetupFund’ cannot find the table

headshot of DougThe payroll person in our company contacted me today and asked if I’d help fix an issue. Normally I’m pretty responsive to people who call but when it’s my payroll person and today is the day we get paid…I drop everything and focus all attention to the issue at hand.

Building the checks was fine but when trying to calculate check we got the following error:


Clicking on more info we found this message:


Come to find out PC tables relate to human resources. We use HR but not to a great extent. The PC  Fund setup table (PC40200) was missing on the company database. After running a backup  I went into File>>maintenance>>SQL>>company database, HR product and highlighted the PC Fund Setup table. Then checked off create table and chose process.

When I browsed out to the Fund Account Options window it actually opened up and the payroll processed correctly.


So a couple of points here.

  1. Our payroll lady knows how to get things done. I think she starts every conversation “I can’t get payroll done if you don’t help me do this.”
  2. We are not using the Fund options in HR so creating the table wasn’t a big deal
  3. I don’t know if there was a service pack put into the system in the past couple of weeks or not. I couldn’t find any issues documented around the blogosphere so maybe it is just us
  4. I did a backup. I always do a backup
  5. Everyone in our company should send me chocolate and candy because they got paid on time

Will GPA ever die?

I found this on a clients desktop today.


My immediate reaction was “Will this system ever die?”

I remember upgrading them from GPA to Dynamics around the GP 7.0 range. We left the GPA system up and working and I guess they’ve never gotten rid of it even through operating system updates and the various GP updates as well.

Microsoft may say the life of a system is 5 years but we all know that a good accounting system/version could be around for decades.

Sometimes I miss those DOS days….NOT.

What’s the oldest GP version you have come across in the last year?

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