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WPC Wrap Up

I haven’t been to a WPC event for four years. The conference this year in L.A. was big. These are the things I experienced:

  • It’s a very long conference. I was there from Sunday afternoon, to Thursday evening. I spent 26 hours in our booth in the exposition hall.
  • The guys on the loading dock at the Los Angeles Convention Center are very cool. We were able to use their loading spaces to easily transfer our junk in and out of the exposition area as we wished, with no hassle. Beautiful.
  • People will steal swag. Really? It’s worth committing a misdemeanor for junk? Obtaining swag is really a very simple social transaction. You express an interest in obtaining some swag. I readily comply, in exchange for the opportunity to scan your attendee badge. If you show even a mild interest in my product or service, I will engage you in polite conversation until you can’t stand it any more and deftly slide away. That’s the way it works. No need for theft.
  • If you have a hot CEO, you’re not going to see her much. Everyone wants to talk with her. I mean, everyone.
  • People will travel very, very long distances to meet up with others of their own kind. We met people from all over the entire globe.
  • It’s important to work with interesting people. The people with whom I work, are extraordinarily interesting and fun people to be with. You should be so lucky.

This was the fourth promotional event I’ve attended on behalf of my company this year. So now I have to take four weeks off to prepare for the next four. Ciao.

Sir Richard Branson at #WPC11 #WPCLA Day 4

Microsoft calls it day 3 but I’ve been at this conference for 4 days so that’s what I’m going to call it.

Had a chance to hear Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines today. He was rather casual and didn’t really give a prepared message. Here are some of my notes.

  1. “Screw it, let’s do it” attitude gets a lot accomplished
  2. Be flexible with employee’s. Make sure they are enjoying work
  3. Break ideas up into companies
  4. Then find someone to run the company so you can stay focused on the next idea/big picture
  5. Forgive your enemy. Call up an enemy and have lunch with them. It’s better for you and for them
  6. Challenges come and setbacks will occur. Press forward with hope and belief

I really like the guest speakers at these conferences. They are usually very inspiring and Sir Richard Branson didn’t disappoint.

Had partner awards night tonight as Rose Business Solutions was a finalist for Hosting Partner of the Year with Microsoft. Walked the red carpet and took silly pictures of the Rose gang that is here.

Final day of conference is tomorrow. The ending concert is Smashmouth and Los Lobos boys. Should be a good final day.

Day 3 at #WPC11 #WPCLA

Once again startheadshot of Douged off the day trailing the Silver Bullet. I’d have a better chance catching the wind then Steve Chapman in running shoes.

Made it to the key note and was entertained by some pretty cool stuff. The new Lync product was displayed. Looked like a great product to help with all forms of communication including chat, video conferencing, voice, meeting coordination including white board and presentation abilities. The new Windows phone coming out in the fall looks really cool. I have a Zune and it actually looks a lot like that.

Rose Business Solutions was mentioned during Karill’s keynote even if it was only a passing mention.

The booth was pretty steady today. A lot of people from around the world. Not too many dynamics folks at the conference so there is quite a different feel than Convergence.

We have some pretty cool swag. The Beach ball is great and we have shirts and visors. I can understand people wanting this stuff. I need to bring home some beach balls to the kiddies myself. We have that stuff with the intention of drawing people in to talk to us. That’s pretty well the ploy to all booths at any conference. (That or hired booth babes.)

It’s funny the things people will do for swag. I was talking to someone at the booth and had my back turned to the goods. I looked around and saw someone with a hand full of visors trying to sneak out. It looked like he made a sneak attack with his hand through the other booth over to ours.

We’ve made it a game to see how many inflated beach balls we can give out instead of uninflated ones. It’s funny to watch people walking around the expo hall with huge beach balls in their hands. I can just see them trying to fit them in their suite case on their way home.

Went to the US Party tonight. Lots of good food. Came in on the red carpet with our crew and took some funny pictures.

On to day 4.

#WPC11 Day 2 activities

I started out the day early going for a run with the famous Steve Chapheadshot of Dougman. Let me correct that. The “Silver Bullet” Steve Chapman. Man can that guy fly. I was thinking that he’d take it easy on me especially when he took me on a route that was rather shady in downtown LA. When we started out he bolted out of the gates and I was gasping for breath trying to keep up. After about three minutes I pretty much just said “Please stop.” He returned over his shoulder “I’ll meet up with you when I come back, don’t get mugged too bad” I doggedly hurried up to follow at least within shouting distance in case Steve had to save me from a early morning mugger.

After about fifteen miles we eventually ended back at our hotel drenched in sweat and with a commitment never agree to run with him again. I’m not sure how anyone finds running fun. I like to do it just to say I’m a runner but deep down I’d rather be sleeping at five a.m. in the morning.

After getting everything settled at our booth last night we were able to enjoy the key note sessions today. It’s always pretty neat to see all the cool toys and innovative technologies Microsoft has at it’s disposal.

Steve Ballmer showed the Xbox voice activated functions coming. He also announced live TV coming to the Xbox. He spent quite a few minutes on the Dynamics product lines and stated for the last ten years the accounting and business application area has grown 20% year after year.

Once again Navision was stated as being the first ERP product to move to the cloud. I guess 2012 will be the big release target.

Tammi Reller presented the Windows portion of the program. Nice to see her still around. It seems like most of the old GP guys are gone.

Linda rose presented a session on our cloud offering which was attended by over 300 people. We had quite a bit of traffic coming by the booth to thank her for her presentation.

Long day at the booth today. We had an eight hour stretch of people coming by to pick up beach balls and visors. Lots of traffic from all over the world. There really wasn’t that many pure GP people coming around to see us. For some reason last year there seemed to be more Dynamics folks.

We have a myGPcloud booth for anyone that wants to offer a Dynamics hosted offering. A big release is our Spanish version of myGPcloud. It’s a great offering for our LATAM friends.

We have the incredibly knowledgeable Francisco Hillyer at our booth for all you LATAM people.He’s pretty much translated our whole myGPcloud site into a Spanish version.

Ended the night with a very nice outdoors party with the Yammer folks. It was right across the convention center and the venue was really great.

I better get to bed. I think Steve is going to drag me around early in the morning on a rickshaw or something so he has added resistance to his early morning routine.

Day 3 coming up.

At WPC with the gang

WPC is just starting today and I already feel like I’ve been here a week. Well, I actually have been in So.Cal. since Wednesday so it has been five days already. Since our main office is in San Diego I came down from the Great White North to rub shoulders with my fellow consultants and a few clients.

I hear there is over 15,000 people attending this years conference. Amazing really to have that many technology people together at one time. It’s a great time to learn, network and be inspired together.

We set up our booth today and got all of our swag ready. We are at booth #1150 if anyone wants some cool stuff. We have full size beach balls this year. My kids love hitting them around the house even if my wife doesn’t necessarily agree that’s the best use for them.

I’m looking forward to the keynotes especially. It’s always fun to listen to Steve Ballmer get excited and make snide comments about Apple. They also usually show off all the awesome things that are coming out in the future.

Tomorrow starts all the fun. I’ll keep everyone updated on the events and announcements here.

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