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Point of Sale Data to Dynamics GP

Integrating a point of sale system to Dynamics GP is a fairly common business solution.  The sticky point is determining which functions will be done in the POS system, and which functions will be done in Dynamics GP.  There is generally some compromise around the purchasing/receiving/inventory functions.  Also the cash control processes generally result in some compromise.

Here is a solution that clearly defines relevant functions for both the POS system and the ERP system. provides solid POS systems to the hospitality industry.  For an operator with many locations, providing good financial reporting and control with a POS system only, is a challenge.  So this is how using Dynamics GP as a back-office system and using the 2TouchPOS system provides a comprehensive solution for the hospitality industry.

The integration between the two systems is simple.  On a daily basis, each store’s results are forwarded to an ftp location.  Integration manager is used to process the stores’ results to create a transaction in Dynamics GP that will do the following:

  • Decrement inventory for items used
  • Decrement inventory for items consumed in a recipe (use sales kits for this)
  • Provide a cash control point to audit cash deposits
  • Create all related journal entries to record the activity
  • Provide simple audit reports to verify the results of the integration

The functions of the two systems are clearly delimited and take advantage of each systems’ strengths.

The 2TouchPOS system provides the ability to effectively operate, manage, and control a dynamic service environment.

Dynamics GP provides the following:

  • Corporate-wide financial reporting and control
  • Purchasing and payables control
  • Inventory valuation and quantity management
  • Cash control and management

Dynamics provides several methods for connecting to external systems.  This is just one example.

Here’s a quick video that shows this in action: Integrating POS Data into Dynamics GP

What goes around comes around with Dynamics GP

headshot of DougI was reading a blog by Kelsey Andrich over at I.B.I.S. I totally agree with her opinion on burning bridges.

Today I received a call from a long time client that moved over to Microsoft support for various reasons instead of using our support offering. I remember two or three years ago wishing the client the best of luck with Microsoft. Microsoft has good support and thought she’d be taken care of with them. Of course I told her they weren’t as good as me. Ha. But I really did hope things would go well for them.

After several years of using MBS support she has return to use our support offering. She apologized profusely for moving away from our support. Not because she had a bad experience with MBS but she thought I may be offended of the decision they made several years ago.

My immediate response was “I always want what’s best for the client. If that was the right business decision for you I’m glad you did it. No hard feeling. I’m glad we have the chance to support you again.”

I’m glad the client still felt she had a solid bridge to walk back to us on when the time was right.

Thanks for the reminder Kelsey.

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