Doug Pitcher’s OFFICIAL 100 most famous, awesome and totally influential Dynamics people for 2011

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Once again I was snubbed on the 100 most influential list. I was so ticked. Maybe not as ticked as David Musgrave or Frank Hamelly but I certainly think the refs should have look at the replay to even see if it was close. I’m not sure if being snubbed is the right term in my case as I wasn’t even nominated nor do I really have any influence over Dynamics as a whole.

But every year when the results come out I think it would be so cool to see my name in lights. So in an effort to avenge the wrongly omitted and blatantly offended I’m making up my own famous people list.

There is no analytical merit to the people selected so if you feel like you belong on this list I think things can be arranged in exchanged for a little chocolate or underground dance videos of your favorite bloggers.

So without further ado here is Doug Pitcher’s 100, 50, 37 Most Famous, Awesome, and Totally Influential Dynamics People List for 2011. (Hey, creating a 100 person list is harder than it seems and I have to get back to some real work. How else am I going to become famous on a real top 100 list.)

  1. Doug Pitcher – It’s my dang list so I’m putting my name at the top
  2. Linda Rose – A pioneer and trend setter in the hosting world. One of the brightest, most forward thinking persons I’ve ever worked with.
  3. David Musgrave – Hosed out of being a top 100 most influential person on a slightly more formal list I’m giving you top billing here David.
  4. Mariano Gomez – Famous to the point I feel bad for even putting him #4. I’ll try to do better next year Mariano.
  5. Frank Hamelly – Another one who was wrongfully mistreated in the 100 most influential poll. Hope you consider this placement as consolation.
  6. Mark Polino – Mr. Cookbook himself. Anyone that can write an entertaining book about Dynamics must be doing something right. Mark lists off some missing people from the top 100 list. I wonder if I buy 50 cookbooks Mark would put me on the list.
  7. Leslie Vail – Keep putting secretly recorded dance moves out on YouTube and you’ll be on this list year after year.
  8. Victoria Yudin – Great blog that has SQL scripts galore on anything you need in Dynamics.
  9. Mohammad Daoud – Got to give some shout outs to my fellow blogging buddies. Not that Daoud needs any more credit as he’s on the list himself and graciously accepts his nomination.
  10. Christina Philips – Another Blogger extraordinaire.
  11. Kirill Tatarinov – OK, the head of MBS Dynamics should get some love.
  12. Terry Heley – Payroll guru at Microsoft that gives us all the inside scoop via an underground email system. She’d be even more famous I’m sure if she’d put her stuff out on a blog.
  13. Patrick Roth – Pretty smart cookie on the Developing for Dynamics blog. I always filter on the site for his articles as they are usually pretty good.
  14. Steve Chapman – YouTube video king. I love walking around with Steve as people ask for my autograph just because they think I must be famous if Steve will hang out with me.
  15. Rebecca Bunas – Even bigger rock star than Steve Chapman. I now refuse to walk any where with Rebecca as it usually turns into a two hour journey as we have to stop and talk to everyone she knows.
  16. Errol Schoenfish – I don’t know Errol personally but hear he’s a good guy. At least we all know where he lives and what his house looks like from Convergence in case you wanted to stalk him.
  17. Mark Rockwell – Who doesn’t like the crazy outfits and personalities of all the Rockton folk.
  18. Nick Hoban – Microsoft Dynamics Community guy. I asked if he could pull some strings and make me an MVP but he said I had to be more useful and not post so many silly blog articles. How am I doing Nick?
  19. Don Morton – Football coach, mentor and site leader over the Dynamics Academic Alliance (DYNAA)
  20. Bethany Eighmy – Part of the DYNAA team that brought myGPcloud to universities
  21. Lyndsey Creamer – the other part of the DYNAA team that brought myGPcloud to universities
  22. Jesse Byam – Canadian guy that walks around in shorts. If you don’t know Jesse you ain’t having any fun.
  23. Anya Ciecierski – I couldn’t spell her name so had to wait until I looked it up to put her on the list.
  24. Chris Dew – I’m most familiar with the back of Chris’s head as that’s all I usually see on our annual sunrise scramble foray at the Partner Event. eOne guy.
  25. Francisco Garcia Hillyer – Breaking into the top 100, 50, 37 list for the first time is F.G.H. He’s been a Microsoft guy for many years and now is an active blogger. One of the smartest support person I know so am glad he’s there to bail me out from time to time.
  26. Terry Carlton – I just like Terry so I’m putting him on the list.
  27. Donte Kim – Nodus founder
  28. Asher Mathew – Used to work for Nodus but I think has moved to Avalara. At least that’s what the 100 emails I got announcing the event said.
  29. Vaidy Mohan – Another blogging buddy.
  30. Cheryl Mortvedt – Fellow support person whom I usually team up with to beat up on unsuspecting Microsoft support people at the annual partner advantage meetings.
  31. John Stulak – Ethotech founder. Went to Costa Rico to bring sales commissions to the monkeys.
  32. Richard Whaley – That professor guy that has all those training books.
  33. Jennie Davis – The partner channel head hauncho
  34. Mike Feori – Famous tomato harvester and application consultant
  35. Liane McIlraith – If Liane doesn’t know it no one knows it. Every client I know loves Liane.
  36. Doug White – Grumpiest guy I know but one heck of a systems architect.
  37. Dwight Specht – Late entry. I met Dwight at a DYNAA event thing but didn’t really get to talk to him much. But love his style especially in his follow up to being included in the 100 list.

OK, so there you have it. I’m sure there are many deserving candidates but the vote was unanimous for the above on the first annual Pitcher Top 100 list.

Maybe next year I’ll actually get 100 people on the list. Ping me if you want to see your name on the above list and I’ll do a recount and adjust accordingly.

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