Home stretch at Convergence

Another action packed day. Hung out with clients a lot of the day and brought them around theBlog Picture expo and to the support desk to resolve any open issues (so I don’t have to when I get home. Ha). Here are my thoughts for the day.

  • I heard from several of our clients that David Musgrave’s and Mariano Gomez’s session was the best one they went to that the conference. Congrats guys on doing such a good job. They said it was great how you opened it up to a mini question answer type session.
  • When left with a timeslot without much to do, try networking in the community lounge
  • Tim (one of our clients here at Convergence with us) did a great job presenting at his manufacturing and distribution session
  • Had lunch with a bunch of blogging buddies. Good to meet up with old friends and acquaintances. Thanks Anya for setting that up
  • Met with eOne about a client that needs Smart Connect. Chris and Martin are great guys to work with
  • People are in awe of Steve Chapman. Steve has over 26000 twitter followers which is amazing to everyone
  • The Geek Out Experlogics event was very good. When you go to other events it’s actually a let down when the first event is really cool
  • Rebecca has several blogs in the works but has not pulled the trigger yet. I think her first post should be “A toast to all those people who snuck out of the community lounge with glass of wine in the purse”
  • I’m wondering if I’ve broken something in my foot. It’s starting to balloon up again. Maybe its because we went dancing 2 nights in a row and have walked like 10 miles a day around the conference center and expo
  • Expo swag is kind of limited this year. I didn’t guess the 6 digit number to win $50,000. And I guess it’s a rule that you can’t do games for money thus all the phone booths with fake cash this year
  • Our customer dinner was grand. Went to Peasant Bistro with about 20 of our own customers that made the trip near and far to Atlanta
  • I wonder if the booth babe concept really works. Someone I know actually hired a pretty girl to help them at their booth. Poor RASP customers have to look at mine and Steve Chapman’s ugly mug. Hosting must be cool if customers and partners will stop and talk to us. Of course we do have Linda Rose who is a booth babe in her own right
  • It takes twice as long to write a blog after 12 am. This blog took an hour as I kept drifting off. I hope you will excuse the typos and incoherent sentences

That’s pretty good for 3:30 am. Hope to be at the opening session. Just nudge me if you see me still sleeping after the speaker is over. Looking forward to that long nap on the plane ride home.

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