Geeking out at a long day two of Convergence

Before I get to the days events I need to start with the party we went to tonight at the Opera sponsored by Experlogics. They had the Geek band rocking the joint and there was about 400 or so people having a blast. I swear the band members must have been 19 or something. Either that or I’m just getting really old. What a fun party. I love live bands. I don’t care how bad or good they are (this one was pretty good) I’m up for it.

Anyways. I was out showing off my dance moves before anyone really started dancing and some chick came up and asked if I was from a partner or customer. Interested in where this was going I said Partner. She said “do you write code.” I wasn’t sure if she was thinking like pirate code or code of ethics or what. She said “no, like development code.” Then it dawned on me where this was going. I said back to her “not really, but I can write out a mean T account.” Then I continued “why, you don’t think someone with my incredible moves on the dance floor could write code?” She said “no way, your much too groovy.” Ha. That was the first time anyone has ever accused me of being groovy. I apologize to all my code writing friends. I guess code writers just don’t have the reputation as hip hop stars like us incredibly hip accountants.

I was late getting over to breakfast so grumbled a bit and went straight to the key note. Karill Tartarinov was the key note speaker. It was great fun watching him present with a host of demo and management team people. It kind of reminded me of Saturday Night Live when they do a skit that doesn’t quite work out. It’s still funny but a little disjointed. For example they announced a web presence for Dynamics in one slide that said something like “we are announcing a dynamics web ERP solution” and left it at that. Exciting but not much content.

Went to the GP general session next. They announced a new web client and showed a bit of detail behind it for GP 2012. It will have financial and order processing functionality. So it won’t be a complete GP client but may be good for a certain types of users. Hard to get excited about it as it’s only 2011 and by the time it releases I’m sure the release will have changed 100 times.

I went over to the expo next and heard Mark Polino stopped by our booth to say hi. Too bad I missed him. I’ll have to track him down some where.

We had a really busy day and met a lot of great people at our booth (#1317). Shoot me an email if you want any info by email instead of on paper.

We sent our customers to see all their 3rd party vendors tonight. I was sure I heard screaming and saw smoke billowing up towards the ceiling as one of our customer was making the most out of beating up on the 3rd party apps team members.

Of course Steve Chapman was a star today. I heard several people say “I love your YouTube videos.” No one ask for his autograph which was surprising but I think a few people took his picture like I did  with David Musgrave and Leslie Vail. As you can see, David is on his tippy toes. Ha.


Convergence is progressing quite nicely at this point.

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