Funniest things that happened to me at Microsoft Convergence

Blog PictureI have lots of good stories from Convergence so thought I’d summarize a few for your reading  pleasure. Here are some comical things that happened to me this year.

  1. I think I started a war with David Musgrave in one of my postings about him. Not my intent by any means. Being Australian I assumed he would have a good chance at getting my Canadian humor. Apologies to him if offense was taken. Feel free to blog about my gimpy gait, hairy chest, dull humor, dim witted comments or lame dance moves. I’m Canadian and expect to be poked fun of eh.
  2. I picked up some swag from JAT, the ISV with the transformer. I couldn’t tell what the swag was but it looked like mouth wash spray so sprayed a couple shots in my mouth. It just so happened to be hand sanitizer. Note to self: Don’t spray hand sanitizer in the mouth. I was only with one customer at the time but am sure he will not let me live that down.
  3. I was sitting on the floor today when Rebecca came up and kicked the bottom of my shoe. Just so happened to be my bum ankle. The darn ankle is still wrecked but at least I can tease her about kicking me while I’m down.
  4. Speaking of my bum ankle, I had to use crutches on my way down to Atlanta so had to carry them back on the plane. One person stopped me and asked if I had a miraculous healing. I said I’m a believer in the healing power of Microsoft.
  5. Another crutch story. I carried the crutches to the plane for my flight home. Being the devious person I am, I used them as a prop to get pre-boarded before everyone else. Is that terribly wrong? ha. I got settled and slept for like an hour before we took off. If I had to carry the dang crutches down why not use them on the way back right?
  6. I got to share a room with the famous Steve Chapman. He was quite cordial but I bet that’s the last time he’ll want to bunk with me. I’d come in and shower, ice my ankle, write a blog and generally be a huge nuisance at 3 am in the morning. Thanks Steve for putting up with me.
  7. We only caused one booth to get knocked over with hitting our beach balls over the isle. I thought I was really going to get a talking to by a conference person when she asked if we were the ones with the beach balls. I said “what beach balls?” But it just ended up that she wanted one for her kids so we bribed her accordingly and continued to hit them all over the expo.
  8. As one of my previous posts indicated I was called a groovy dancer. I can’t let that go that easily. I’m a terrible dancer. I look like a cross between a chicken pecking the ground and a rabbit racing for cover. None the less, someone thought I had serious moves. My wife doesn’t believe this story and I guess I have no witnesses but it’s true. I swear. If the person who accused me of being groovy would please confirm her opinion of my dance funkiness I’d appreciate it.
  9. Our neon bright orange shirts were a hit. I felt like goof ball but the shirts were incredibly useful. One time we were in the meal hall and we were trying to meet up with our group. I stood up on a chair and our group spotted me across the incredibly long room. I am keeping this shirt in case I ever need to direct traffic or decide to start hunting.
  10. One of my favorite moments of the conference was when Rebecca tried to leave the community lounge with a glass of wine. She was turned back as no one was to leave with drinks. Being the creative and determined person Rebecca is she came back into the lounge and arranged her glass of wine at the bottom of her Convergence bag and walked out undetected. After all it was really good wine, not the cheap stuff they’d been pedaling the rest of the conference. She was riding up the escalators and talking on the phone with Mel our office administrator when Rebecca realizes the wine glass (plastic cup) had tipped over in the bag and soaked the rest of the contents of the bag. Rebecca passed the phone over to me and ran for the bathroom. Mel pointed out that smuggling wine out of the conference was a true sign of an alcoholic. I corrected her by saying the true sign would have been if she tipped back the bag and drank whatever she could from the spilled contents.

I’d love to hear your funniest stories from Convergence.

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