Day one at Microsoft Convergence

Day one is always exciting as you get to visit with a bunch of friends you haven’t seen in a while. I did meet the famous David Musgrave and Leslie Vail in person. I would guess Mark Polino is taller than David but Leslie looked to have both of them by a few millimeters. Leslie teased David about his funny spelling as in “Boy, the vegemite sure is a funny colour. ”

Went to the GPUG session today. Looked to be a pretty good sized crew. Andy Hafer was the keynote speaker. Here are a few things he said.

  1. Network – Nice to have GPUG so users can get benefit of interacting with people with similar issues and challenges
  2. Pay it forward – MVP’s are a good example of this
  3. GPUG chapters all over the country – if one is not in your area contact them and you can set it up in your area.
  4. I had someone tell me last week they went to a GPUG meeting and they met someone that really helped them out with a business issue. Great to hear the dynamics community interacting so well in the same sandbox

The town hall meeting was pretty tame. No one really yelled at the Microsoft panel and one guy just praised the support team for how good they are. (I’m not sure if I’ve had the same experience in the last several months as that guy). I tried to yell at the panel about how terrible service packs are now but didn’t really get any response of support from the crowd members to support my complaints. Service packs have been especially with all the payroll updates in the last few months. It takes like half an hour per company just for an update. Some one came up after the meeting and told me it takes him 8 hours to apply a service pack to his company. I have a few clients that take that long. Come on. Can’t we make applying SP’s just a little easier. I don’t really care that it’s been a bad year with payroll. That’s going to happen but for it to take that long for a silly hotfix seems too painful.

I hit the expo a bit and got to man our booth for a while. We have beach balls this year and the kiddies will love them so come on by the RoseASP booth. I almost got yelled at for hitting one in the air and knocking a ladies puffy hair over. Note to self: Don’t play volleyball across the aisle with a neighboring booth mate when people are walking by.

Finished off the day at the welcome receptions. The aquarium was cool and the world of coke was fun. I liked the band but couldn’t really bust a move with my bum ankle.



Another note to self: Don’t go play basketball the night before a week long conference with lots of walking involved.

Day one of Convergence is in the books.

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