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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2–Available

Yes, you are reading correct, the long awaited R2 for Dynamics GP 2010 is now available for us to download.avatar

Click this link to review the brand new “What’s New PDF” CLICK HERE

New customers will not be able to obtain registration keys until GA May 1st.


The DVD for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 is now on the Product Release pages below.  The Word Template Generator is a NEW PRODUCT for Release R2 and has its own PARTNER ONLY download page below.

Service Pack 2 for each product is included on the DVD and has also been posted to each individual page.  The links to each page are below.


The Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Pack 2 version is 11.00.1752.

Product Release Downloads for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Direct Link to the DVD – – 2GB

Word Template Generator – PARTNERSOURCE ONLY

Service Pack, Hotfix, and Compliance Update Patch Release for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Direct Link to the patch – MicrosoftDynamicsGP11-KB2435566-ENU.msp – 257 MB

Direct Link to SP2 Fix List and Install Guide – 11.0SP2_install_guide_ENUS.pdf

Software Development Kit for Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Software Development Kit for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Software Development Kit for Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Software Development Kit for Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Service Packs and Hotfixes for Personal Data Keeper for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Service Packs and Hotfixes for Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Service Packs and Hotfixes for Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Service Packs and Hotfixes for Integration Manager for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Service Packs and Hotfixes for eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Dexterity Development Releases for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (Available Soon!)

Currency Translation Default Exchange Table IDs–Demystified!!!

A few days ago I was browsing GP when I noticed a section in GP that I was not familiar with. avatar

I used to provide multicurrency support in LATAM as well for a company I sued to work but this time I was left with a question mark.

If you go to Tools > Setup > Financial > Multicurrency

you will see Multicurrency Setup window that now includes a section named “Currency Translation Default Exchange Table IDs”



















I searched all over the internet and GP help files but with no luck, then I asked on Microsoft Communities when a friend from Fargo provided such information.

After installing GP 2010 SP1 you can translate GL amounts in a specified currency. Management Reportes can use translated amounts directly from Dynamics GP.

A currency translation allows you to report GL in different currencies that are not either the functional currency or the originating currency.

That’s why they (MS) added this table to setup exchange rate to be used for translation.


Translation Types:

Average uses a single exchange rate for each GL period, the values are converted to the reporting currency using an average exchange rate for the individual period as entered in the exchange table.

Current uses a single exchange rate based on the report date, the values are converted to the reporting currency using the exchange rate on the “as of date” for the report.

Historical uses a single exchange rate based on the transaction date, when an account is converted to the reporting currency individual transactions for the account are converted to the reporting currency using the exchange rate that was valid on the transaction date, then all summary information will be recreated for the account, based on the translated amounts.


In all three types if an exchange rate couldn’t be found then functional currency amounts are used.


There are more features that came along with this new characteristic, and obviously you need FP1 for Management Reporter.


Have a great day!!

Francisco Hillyer

Common Support Debugging Tool Myths – Fact or Fiction?

David Musgrave has compiled a list of statements that have fallen into Fact or Fiction area he has now enlightened us unveiling the truth behind Support Debugging Tool.

The myths around this tool are the following:

The SDT is hard to install?,  hard to setup?

can only capture logs?, SDT creates tables at the SQL Server level?

The SDT causes performance problems

The SDT has features that are dangerous

The SDT is Microsoft’s most guarded secret

The SDT will make you more attractive to the opposite sex

The SDT will regrow hair

The SDT was created by advanced aliens, David just stole their technology


And a lot more if you want to be on the ring of power

Click on the following link to know the truth

Adoption of Business Intelligence is a Sales Issue, Not a Technology Issue

“I’m not getting the information I need.”

Hearing that, most people reach for a technology solution.  And there’s a lot of good technology solutions to choose from; but which one?

That’s a trick question.

We’re jumping to the solution; not identifying the problem.  Have you heard this before?  Of course you’ve heard it; a thousand times.

But it is a recurring problem for solution providers.  The CXO sees a beautiful looking dashboard advertised in some magazine, somewhere, and concludes that they need it; got to have it.

Here’s the problem.  As it turns out, it is very unlikely that the CXO even knows what information they want on the dashboard.  Even when probed, the CXO has only a vague idea of what they want.

Why is this a sales issue?  Because a good sales process, properly executed, should bring this information to the forefront, or should sell a small engagement to specifically determine what information is needed, and what problems will be solved by having the information.

If the CXO buys the BI tool before they understand how they’re going to use it, they probably won’t realize the value of the investment.  It’s a sales problem, not a technology problem.

Send Customers to Convergence

We’re very lucky to have a great group of customers, and some of them joined us at Convergence 2011.  It’s not a trivial endeavor to go to Convergence.  It’s time consuming, expensive, and exhausting.  So, what do customers get out of convergence?  This is what I’ve heard, repeated several times:

  • Talking with other Dynamics GP users; finding out how they use GP; what they like about it, what they don’t, and how they have solved certain issues
  • Talking with ISV’s about their products (3rd party, add-ons); which is easy to do because most all of them are there, and happy to show off their products.
  • Learning more about GP, and perhaps drinking a bit of the MS kool-aid.
  • Pretty damn good parties

I will admit that it is a hard sell to get customers to go to their first Convergence, but after the first one, the experience sells itself.

Malcolm Gladwell In Person

Malcolm Gladwell was the keynote speaker on the last day of Convergence 2011. Malcolm is one of my recent favorite authors. His books are very readable and incredibly interesting. He provides amazing insights into people, culture, and society.

In his keynote speech, he talked about the importance of not relying too much on technology; but rather using technology to help evaluate ones own decisions and decision making processes. This post is just an adoration piece; Doug covers the speech much better in his post below.

Outliers is the most fascinating book I’ve read in the past two years. You will like it. Check it out. I mean it. Do it now.

Here’s another, more informative, link:

I Am Not a Booth Babe

I like to think of myself as more of an Event Presentation Specialist. My physical appearance alone, excludes me from the Booth Babe taxonomy.

I really do like talking to Dynamics partners and users, and I had a great opportunity to do that at Convergence 2011. Linda, Doug, and I maintained a vigilant and vibrant watch for a period of 20 hours, spanning four days.

Our uniform bright orange shirts certainly drew comments and bound us together, along with Rebecca and Ed in a vanguard of sartorial exuberance. And sometimes Ed wears a kilt. I know, right?

Bryan Sampson – beloved customer, Linda Rose, Doug Pitcher: 

Linda and Doug making it work at the booth:

Ed Cowen attired in kilt:

Funniest things that happened to me at Microsoft Convergence

Blog PictureI have lots of good stories from Convergence so thought I’d summarize a few for your reading  pleasure. Here are some comical things that happened to me this year.

  1. I think I started a war with David Musgrave in one of my postings about him. Not my intent by any means. Being Australian I assumed he would have a good chance at getting my Canadian humor. Apologies to him if offense was taken. Feel free to blog about my gimpy gait, hairy chest, dull humor, dim witted comments or lame dance moves. I’m Canadian and expect to be poked fun of eh.
  2. I picked up some swag from JAT, the ISV with the transformer. I couldn’t tell what the swag was but it looked like mouth wash spray so sprayed a couple shots in my mouth. It just so happened to be hand sanitizer. Note to self: Don’t spray hand sanitizer in the mouth. I was only with one customer at the time but am sure he will not let me live that down.
  3. I was sitting on the floor today when Rebecca came up and kicked the bottom of my shoe. Just so happened to be my bum ankle. The darn ankle is still wrecked but at least I can tease her about kicking me while I’m down.
  4. Speaking of my bum ankle, I had to use crutches on my way down to Atlanta so had to carry them back on the plane. One person stopped me and asked if I had a miraculous healing. I said I’m a believer in the healing power of Microsoft.
  5. Another crutch story. I carried the crutches to the plane for my flight home. Being the devious person I am, I used them as a prop to get pre-boarded before everyone else. Is that terribly wrong? ha. I got settled and slept for like an hour before we took off. If I had to carry the dang crutches down why not use them on the way back right?
  6. I got to share a room with the famous Steve Chapman. He was quite cordial but I bet that’s the last time he’ll want to bunk with me. I’d come in and shower, ice my ankle, write a blog and generally be a huge nuisance at 3 am in the morning. Thanks Steve for putting up with me.
  7. We only caused one booth to get knocked over with hitting our beach balls over the isle. I thought I was really going to get a talking to by a conference person when she asked if we were the ones with the beach balls. I said “what beach balls?” But it just ended up that she wanted one for her kids so we bribed her accordingly and continued to hit them all over the expo.
  8. As one of my previous posts indicated I was called a groovy dancer. I can’t let that go that easily. I’m a terrible dancer. I look like a cross between a chicken pecking the ground and a rabbit racing for cover. None the less, someone thought I had serious moves. My wife doesn’t believe this story and I guess I have no witnesses but it’s true. I swear. If the person who accused me of being groovy would please confirm her opinion of my dance funkiness I’d appreciate it.
  9. Our neon bright orange shirts were a hit. I felt like goof ball but the shirts were incredibly useful. One time we were in the meal hall and we were trying to meet up with our group. I stood up on a chair and our group spotted me across the incredibly long room. I am keeping this shirt in case I ever need to direct traffic or decide to start hunting.
  10. One of my favorite moments of the conference was when Rebecca tried to leave the community lounge with a glass of wine. She was turned back as no one was to leave with drinks. Being the creative and determined person Rebecca is she came back into the lounge and arranged her glass of wine at the bottom of her Convergence bag and walked out undetected. After all it was really good wine, not the cheap stuff they’d been pedaling the rest of the conference. She was riding up the escalators and talking on the phone with Mel our office administrator when Rebecca realizes the wine glass (plastic cup) had tipped over in the bag and soaked the rest of the contents of the bag. Rebecca passed the phone over to me and ran for the bathroom. Mel pointed out that smuggling wine out of the conference was a true sign of an alcoholic. I corrected her by saying the true sign would have been if she tipped back the bag and drank whatever she could from the spilled contents.

I’d love to hear your funniest stories from Convergence.

The long ride home from Microsoft Convergence

I’ve forced myself to blog daily about the conference as I find I have a lot more to say as a Blog Picture whole instead of waiting until I get home to do all the updates. I’ve slept a couple of hours on the plane already and the lady beside me has only had to nudge me once as I started to put my head on her shoulder for a pillow. She’s obviously not a Convergence attendee because if she was we’d probably be leaning on each other sleeping off the pains and aches of a massive week of learning and interacting.

Here is a summary of my last day update of the conference:

  1. The day kicked off with a very interesting keynote speaker in Malcom Gladwell, author of the Tipping Point. He went through several ways technology can be used to make important decisions. This was my favorite key note since the days of Doug Burgum and his infamous historical comparisons to the likes of Louis and Clark and Marco Polo. Here are some of the things I remember from Gladwell’s keynote:
    1. It simplifies the decision. Humans have the inability to process several different options and choices. If you do the Coca Cola challenge and introduce a twist by adding one more choice of either Pepsi or Coke the taster will only get the challenge right only 33% of the time.
    2. It removes biases to allow for better decisions. Story about the screen eliminated the gender bias in the Russian philharmonic.
    3. It enables better logical thinking rather than emotional reacting. Police acting alone tend to make better decisions then when acting in a group. The addition of instant replay to sports allows referees to get away from the home crowd effect and look back to make sure the play call was the correct judgment.
    4. When technology is applied to situations it makes the parties involved more accountable for their actions. Major league baseball umpires cleaned up their ball and strike calling when technology was added that critiqued their strike calling.
    5. Technology can aid in emotional decisions (or gut calls). Having relevant information can aid in making those gut judgments
  2. The question and answer session with Malcom Gladwell had a good couple of questions as well:
    1. Can humans really multitask – His response was if you mean do several important things that includes making serious decisions, no that is not possible. That would take humans to act like machines
    2. How can we use technology to remove bias in regards to the TSA and security – He likes the complete random selection, 1 in 5 people completely searched for example rather than profiling. This is because as soon as the enemy finds what the profile is they can transform into the opposite of what the profile is
    3. How can technology aid in making better decisions as parents – He doesn’t have kids so can only give a congressional opinion (an opinion on something he knows absolutely nothing about). The child psychology research indicates being consistent on actions and decisions. A child will respond better when they know what the consequence will be to their actions. (this comment backs up the positive parenting approach which I try to adhere to) 
  3. Had a meeting with our team to discuss take a way’s from the conference. Also made to do lists of what we needed to accomplish in the next week to make the most benefit from this event. We really need to justify the expense of this conference as it is expensive and time consuming. If you don’t change or put new idea’s into action the conference will merely be a weeks worth of vacation. As I am a remote employee this meeting also acts as a planning meeting for several months worth of activities
  4. As the day was wrapping up our clients tried to squeeze just a bit more out of the conference. We hit a few more ISV’s at the expo to discuss service support. One client needed a Go To person for critical issues he was dealing with. Meeting face to face with the ISV will hopefully help with this and a follow up call was scheduled
  5. As soon as 1:30 pm hit the expo was over. Holy cow the freeman expo people know how to tear down a place in a hurry. We got our RoseASP booth cut down in record time. It helps with several hands to take care of all involved
  6. We hit one last manufacturing/distribution session where one of our clients presented his successes and challenges with implementing GP manufacturing. Ladies, Tim is single, can bust a move on the dance floor, and is very successful. You might want to consider learning manufacturing. ha.
  7. Hit the MARTA train to get to the airport. Only missed our connection a couple of times. Had one very helpful man let us follow him where we needed to go. I felt like a little ducky following along hoping to get to the right place. Love the people of Atlanta. Very nice and accommodating.

That’s about it for Microsoft Convergence. I will follow up this posting with best stories blog but we can all look forward to Houston where Convergence will be held next year in March (Yuck, April is much easier on the accounting folk.)

Thanks Microsoft for continuing this event. And thanks to everyone else that make this event such a success. Seeing every in the keynote session this morning really made me realize how great the operations people are as it felt like there was only 100 people at the event when in fact there was over 9000.

Great job by all involved.

Home stretch at Convergence

Another action packed day. Hung out with clients a lot of the day and brought them around theBlog Picture expo and to the support desk to resolve any open issues (so I don’t have to when I get home. Ha). Here are my thoughts for the day.

  • I heard from several of our clients that David Musgrave’s and Mariano Gomez’s session was the best one they went to that the conference. Congrats guys on doing such a good job. They said it was great how you opened it up to a mini question answer type session.
  • When left with a timeslot without much to do, try networking in the community lounge
  • Tim (one of our clients here at Convergence with us) did a great job presenting at his manufacturing and distribution session
  • Had lunch with a bunch of blogging buddies. Good to meet up with old friends and acquaintances. Thanks Anya for setting that up
  • Met with eOne about a client that needs Smart Connect. Chris and Martin are great guys to work with
  • People are in awe of Steve Chapman. Steve has over 26000 twitter followers which is amazing to everyone
  • The Geek Out Experlogics event was very good. When you go to other events it’s actually a let down when the first event is really cool
  • Rebecca has several blogs in the works but has not pulled the trigger yet. I think her first post should be “A toast to all those people who snuck out of the community lounge with glass of wine in the purse”
  • I’m wondering if I’ve broken something in my foot. It’s starting to balloon up again. Maybe its because we went dancing 2 nights in a row and have walked like 10 miles a day around the conference center and expo
  • Expo swag is kind of limited this year. I didn’t guess the 6 digit number to win $50,000. And I guess it’s a rule that you can’t do games for money thus all the phone booths with fake cash this year
  • Our customer dinner was grand. Went to Peasant Bistro with about 20 of our own customers that made the trip near and far to Atlanta
  • I wonder if the booth babe concept really works. Someone I know actually hired a pretty girl to help them at their booth. Poor RASP customers have to look at mine and Steve Chapman’s ugly mug. Hosting must be cool if customers and partners will stop and talk to us. Of course we do have Linda Rose who is a booth babe in her own right
  • It takes twice as long to write a blog after 12 am. This blog took an hour as I kept drifting off. I hope you will excuse the typos and incoherent sentences

That’s pretty good for 3:30 am. Hope to be at the opening session. Just nudge me if you see me still sleeping after the speaker is over. Looking forward to that long nap on the plane ride home.

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