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doCreditCardAuthorizationActivity Error

A few months ago a customer called saying that whenever he tried to post cash receipts he was getting the following error: A get/change last operation on table doCreditCardAuthorizationActivity cannot find the table.


He said that this was the first time they got the error and they could not continue working.

I did my research and found no mention on the tables at all.

Then I asked if any third party products were installed he said “No the only change is that we updated to SP5” ….. that’s were I got the clue.

I reviewed the Dynamics.set file and saw an unusual product 6499 Dynamics Online Services.

I went to “Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customization > Customization Maintenance”

and disabled Dynamics Online Services and asked the user to reproduce the steps that gave him the error and it did not appeared.

So I used the following approach to solve the issue:

click on Start > Programs > Microsoft Dynamics > GP 10 > Database Maintenance

I followed the wizard and when I got to the step to select the products I selected Dynamics Online Services and I choose to recreate Stored Procedures, Views and Triggers.

After processing it my understanding was that the error would disappear but instead we got the following error: A get/change last operation on table doCreditCardAuthorizationActivity failed accessing SQL data.


So when I read “Failed Accessing SQL Data” immediately went to SQL server and ran the Grant.sql script and after that no more errors.

On the Dynamics GP online community a recent post regarding this issue was asked and Ian Stewart posted a similar solution as well

Have all users log out from GP and login as SA

go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Maintenance > SQL select DYNAMICS as DB click on the tables DO Setup, and the options Create Table and Create Auto Procedures.

then select each company and for each company recreate tables and auto procedures for the following tables: DO Cash Receipts (History Open and Work), DO Credit Card Services Activity, DO Credit Card Setup, DO Sales Payment Work and History.

Click process and that’s it.

Good Luck

Francisco G. Hillyer

U.S. Payroll – March Round 4 Tax Update for GP 2010 including 941 2011 format….released!

Its finally here, the long waited update from Dynamics GP team for payroll has been released.


Here is the link to the direct download:

U.S. Payroll Tax Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (Round 4)
This page contains the latest U.S. Payroll Tax Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.


Here are the updated version numbers

Microsoft Dynamics GP


Project Accounting




Human Resources


Field Service


Grant Management


Dynamics Online Services


The automatic tax update site is available.


If you have employees paid in the state of Oregon, you need to install the tax update and the code update…major changes in their tax structure…there is also a new filing status for Oregon, so read the instructions if you are in Oregon carefully, please.

Thanks THeley…

Dynamics GP Mascot

A colleague of mine called the other day and asked if I’d taken a night job or something. I indicated that my day job was certainly enough to keep me busy. His response was “Oh, I thought Microsoft had hired you as their mascot as when I  Bing Dynamics GP  or Google your picture comes up as one of the images.” (page 14 on Google, I guess I’m not that famous)

So there you have it. I’m the self proclaimed unofficial mascot of Dynamics GP. You’d think with as much money as Microsoft has they’d come up with a better looking bobble head.

I’ll be at Convergence this year so if you’d like to meet send me a line. I’d love to meet anyone that even pretends to be interested in any of my silly blog posts or random thoughts.

Better yet. I will be joined by The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Mr. Microsoft Dynamics GP himself, Steve Chapman at Convergence this year as well. If autographs are wanted I know Steve personally and can hook you up.

IRS Released 941 Report – Payroll Round 4

Hello all Francisco here again with payroll updates,

Last week the IRS released the updated 941 report and the Dynamics GP Team has been working on the update non-stop so here it is what’s coming.


This update is a code and tax table update (Oregon) to receive all the changes.  This update is all inclusive of prior updates.

It will be noted on Microsoft’s tax update pages a target release date week of 3/28/2011, as it gets closer, we will have more details.

Items included in this update (NO table changes)

I must add that this update will need to be installed on each machine so you receive the “new” 941 form.

-941 form changes (941 form, prep report and cross company reports, this is in the code)

-Oregon state tax table and code changes

-Bug fixes 10 and GP 2010 around HRP.

              New Employer Manual check amount does not distribute to GL correctly

              US Payroll edit tax liability report the 941 amount incorrect

              Electronic W2 file is incorrect for 2010 when you have HIRE Act employees and 2 or more companies


GP 2010 only Payroll cannot process manual checks with AA active Error Distributions do not match transaction amounts – still a problem after you apply fix in US payroll year end

GP 2010 only issue Company Payroll Summary Inquiry displays incorrectly

Other modules fixed in this update: Project Accounting, Dexterity, eConnect, Field Service, Analytical Accounting, Grant Management, and Manufacturing

***Supported version GP 10 and GP 2010 only***

Thanks to our friend theley

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