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Microsoft Dynamics Partner Offers Innovative On-Demand ERP for Customers and Partners

New Case Study from Microsoft highlights the solution and benefits of myGPcloud.

Here are some excerpts:

Business Needs

Although cloud-based ERP solutions can help companies manage upfront and ongoing IT costs, many businesses are put off by initial setup fees, minimum user requirements, and annual contracts. Because of these complexities, potential customers find it difficult to compare vendor offerings.


The new myGPcloud offering delivers Microsoft Dynamics GP with minimal upfront investment of time or resources from customers, enabling more companies to experience the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Prospective customers can try out myGPcloud for free for 30 days. “Customers visit and can have Microsoft Dynamics GP configured for their company in minutes,” says Rose. “And, with the 30-day trial, there is no risk or commitment.”


With myGPcloud, RoseASP makes on-demand ERP more accessible to new customers and easy to sell for Microsoft partners. “Customers can start with myGPcloud and then easily move to a more flexible hosted solution or bring their solution on-premises,” says Rose. “We offer a low barrier to entry and scalability for customers to grow their business.”

Use Project Accounting to Manage Job Costs in Dynamics GP

The Project Accounting module in Dynamics GP is a very flexible module.  I have seen people use it many different ways, in many different situations.  For people that want to track job costs for unique jobs and are interested in managing costs, delivery, and profit, the Project Accounting module can be setup to easily do this.  As an example I set up a job that was basically to make and deliver a set of promotional watches that a client was going to use in a marketing campaign.  The job consisted mainly of labor and materials.  I set up the job to track three cost categories for labor, and several inventory items that would be used to turn into the promotional watches.

Here is the Project setup for this job:

In this scenario, I would issue purchase orders against the project; identifying the project and cost category:

Here is the item detail in the project:

Here is the fee schedule from which customer invoices are generated:

This simple use of Project Accounting allows me to easily track job costs and invoice customers.

Here is a video that shows this in action:

Using Sales Quotes to Maintain Forecasts for Dynamics GP MRP

If you don’t have the Sales Forecast module for Dynamics GP, you can still maintain and manage a sales forecast using the Sales Order module.  This information can be used to drive the MRP functionality in Dynamics GP.  There are two steps you need to do to accomplish this:

1.)  Enter your sales forecasts in to Quote documents in the Sales Order module

2.)  Setup MRP to look at Quotes when generating MRP requirements

Here’s a Quote:

Here’s a list of several quotes that make up the total forecast:

Here’s a Pivot Table easily created from a refreshable Excel report that shows the forecasted quantities by item and date:

Here’s the setting to check to make sure that MRP looks at Quotes when the MRP regeneration is executed:

Here is a video that shows this in action: Sales Quotes for MRP

Here’s the same video on YouTube:

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