GP 9.0 US Payroll FICA Round 2 has released!!

We are happy to announce that the always working Microsoft Dynamics Team has released the GP 9.0 Round 2 for U.S. Payroll Hotfix.

Please take note that the issues found on the reports after the release of the GP 10 US Payroll hotfix were fixed in this version and for GP 2010 which will be released hopefully in a few hours from this post.


Also Microsoft team has informed that there will be another release for GP 10 that will address a fix for the reports found on the earlier release, also will include the release of the Canadian Payroll (round 2) and some changes for the new T4A functionality as well some additional CSST functionality/change.


The round 2 2011 tax update (table) is already on the automatic server for all versions.  This is the last tax update supported for 9.0 and 9.0 SBF.

The Microsoft team has announced that they hope to release the 941 form change in March once IRS has the final form published.


I have to tell you that there is a slight change on the download process for this hotfix here are the Steps to Download Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 US Payroll Round 2 Tax Update

1. Click on the link below:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 US Payroll Round 2 Tax Update KB 2477913 – ** Once you install your Dynamics version is 9.0.388**


2. Under Step #1, click to select the checkbox under the "Select hotfix" area.

3. Under Step #2, enter a valid e-mail address and confirm the e-mail address in the "Provide us with your e-mail" area. An e-mail will be sent to

this e-mail address with the link to download. Type the characters visible in the Picture box.

4. Click Request Hotfix.

5. The following message will appear:  "Hotfix Confirmation. We will send these hotfixes to the following e-mail address:"


6. Go to your e-mail and find the e-mail from with the subject "Hotfix download link you requested".  Towards the bottom of the e-mail, find the section titled "Package". Click the link from the e-mail to download the file. Save the file to a location on your machine.



7. Once downloaded, double-click the .EXE file and click Continue. It’s a 102MB file.

8. Enter a location to a folder to extract the contents of the file. Click OK.

9. Enter the password from the e-mail you received.  Click OK.

10. Double-click the .MSP file to install the US Payroll Round 2 Tax Update


Soon it will be available on the following link, but at the time I was writing this post it was not there:

Issues list from 10 site- all fixed on 9 and GP 2010
Check Register
When you have Direct Deposit employees the Direct Deposit Check Register will still show the incorrect amount for Employer FICA Owed.  You will need to print the Reprint Check Register (Reports | Payroll | Reprint Journals) in order to show the correct Employer FICA Owed amount.

941 changes
941 Preparation Report will be correct through 6e.  The rest will be understated.
941 Schedule B Preparation Report will be understated.  Report is taking Employee total times 2 instead of taking Employer amount.
Form 941 Schedule B will be understated.  Report is taking Employee total times 2 instead of taking Employer amount.
Federal Tax Liabilities List 941 amount will be understated. 
Form 941 change – we will release update when form changes are finalized by the IRS.


Thank you Theley

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