Error when login to Dynamics GP – An Available Update…

avatar Hello, yesterday I was working a bit late when I received the call from my coworker Doug P. and he says “Francisco I have an error while upgrading GP, do you want to take a look?”.

Immediately I replied “Of Course!!” as I like to investigate things down, after connecting to his computer he was receiving errors due to VBA code attached to reports my assessment was to delete all .vba files of 4kb, take a backup of the reports.dic dictionary (since he before the update, exported into a .package all customizations) and we moved out of GP code folder the .vba files remaining.


He was able now to proceed with the installation but before we could celebrate there was an error preventing us from login to gp:

“An available update may be required for your computer, but the update process couldn’t verify information”

Once we got the error message I asked “Do you know if Automatic Client Updates were used?”

Even after receiving the answer “No” I queried on the Dynamics..SYUPDATE table and there was a record in there, so I deleted the record and problem solved!!!.

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