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Partner Advantage Plan meeting continued

This is a continuation of the Partner Advantage Summit blog I posted earlier.

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) plan for Dynamics partners

***If you are a Dynamics customer you are going to go cross eyed if you read the below. This relates to a Dynamics partner***

Looks like the cost of support incidents are going up. MBS is changing the MPN benefits regarding support plans to the two service plan options Advantage Plus Plan or Advantage PlanBlog Picture which will not have any support incidents tied to the. At that point MBS waves a magic wand and decides how many support incidents you get based on your BREP revenue (Enhancement plan revenue). The big change is scheduled to be on October 29th, 2010.

One big change to the support incidences are the Dynamics incidences will cover the whole Microsoft stack.

  • Gold Certification gets 30 seats of ERP and 50 Seats of CRM
  • Gold Certification costs $3800 per year
    • six unique individuals need ERP certification in a combination of application consultant/developer, 3 of which need to pass the implementation methodology exam
    • SQL requirements don’t come into effect for Dynamics GP and SL are not due until May 2011
    • BREP revenue does not include enhancement revenue. It’s total license revenue. $100,000 for ERP.
    • Installation and configuration certified person does not need financial certification
    • Sales accreditations are due in May
    • Old fee is $1500, come January it goes up to $3800 for gold. You can renew up to 90 days ahead so if your renewal date is January consider renewing when you can to get the old pricing
    • The old Gold logo can still be used till October 2011

Hopefully this screen shot comes through ok if you click on it.

image I have a full slide deck from Microsoft I can pass on if you have any questions.

Partner Advantage Summit

Microsoft has an annual event where they call partners into Fargo and discuss support and service offerings for the year. Since I was already in Fargo attending The Partner Event I stayed over a day to attend this event.

We started realitively early and the agenda was packed. I really like the shorter conferences/events for content as it seems like the most important things are talked about and very little time is wasted.

Here are my notes written up from the sessions:

  • Microsoft’s cloud strategy contiues to be the most common theme/discussion
  • There seems to be a mergering of smaller partners in the industry. I met a few groups that have merged in the past year and MBS seems to be squeezing the smaller partner out. Gone are the days where a one or two man shop can really survive as a certified Microsoft Partner.
  • Dynamics GP 2010 demo. We’ve been using GP 2010 for a while now and find quite a few enhancements. Not nearly the change from GP 9 to 10 but there are a bunch of features added.
  • Windows 7 phone demo. Cool stuff.
    • Everything is integrated between search, Facebook, Outlook, Zune (music), pictures, etc.
    • Releases October/November time frame.
    • And supposedly the phone actually works. ha.
  • Management reporter (MR) overview – Here is a blog I did regarding some learning points I had using Management reporter.
    • Undo function now in MR.
    • Can right click on a row, column or tree and choose associations and it will identify where it is used. You would use this function to clean up MR building blocks.

    • Pulling accounts from MR ????? are not needed. Can use * character.
    • In the tree you can do add ranges or subtract
    • Report Library in MR
      • Can generate to different report locations and can add security to those locations
      • Reports have history of when reports are generated. So you can look back to previous versions of the report.
      • Can also add other reports such as Excel or Word reports to the report library

    • Formatting in MR
      • Can add images such as logo’s to reports
      • You can add page breaks on the column area. You would use this on a trended report such as a 12 month report

    • Currency translating is coming out with feature pack 1 – Saw a demo of this
      • Translation will pull from GP and you add the currency to the column of the report. Really simplified the currency translation process
    • Blog for MR updates is at
    • Training for MR – Course #80255 webinar
    • MR in the future will eventually replace forecaster. But that’s down the road
    • No auto sum in MR. Which is less effective.

This is getting too long I’ll break this up into a few blogs.

The Partner Event summary for Dynamics partners

I’ve been in sunny Fargo, ND (Or as my three year old said Fardakota) for the past few days for the annual partner event.  There were over 200 partner attendees gathered this year and the event was a big success. I heard several people comment that this event is their favorite of the year. The content was pretty good but the reason an event like this is so successful is because of the close interactions in a smaller crowd environment.

I met up with some famous people at the event. It’s kind of funny to meet someone in person that you admire from a far. I met Anya Ciecierski in person and got to attend one of her sessions on blogging. She’s ther person behind the blog. I blog a fair amount but haven’t really considered doing it for marketing purposes. I’m just an old techie that likes to tell stories. A few things mentioned in the session is to use key words in the title and in the content. So if from hear on out my blogs seem filled with convoluted phrases it’s all Anya’s fault. She also mentioned she likes to see blogs go through the marketing team so they can make sure the content is not offensive and to also correct speling mistakes. I don’t think I ned that much help with mines grammer.

Met Nick Hoban who is in charge of the Dynamics community site for MBS. I told him I’d make him famous in my next blog so I guess this is his 2 minutes of fame. He gave me a sneak peak at the new site they are going to release in a week or so and it looks like there are some cool things underway.

Attended a few sessions with Joe Rotella. He’s a great presenter and I’ve enjoyed his sessions in the past. I must say he looks a bit different than his picture. I had the same response when I met Mark Polino. I’d guess both Joe and Mark are about 5′ 5″ tall. Correct me if I’m wrong Mark. ha.

I presented a couple of sessions on hosting. I have a slide deck put together that I’m sending out to all the partners that attended the session. Drop me a line if you’d like me to send it to you as well. Seems to still be a lot of confusion with SPLA in the partner channel in general which I’m sure extends to customers as well. One of my main points was if you don’t offer SPLA or some form of hosting alternative you will lose opportunities. Those comparing NetSuite to Dynamics GP will not choose an on premise solution when they are looking for a cloud solution.

Handed out myGPcloud T-shirts to quite a few people and even had a few of our hosting competitors almost wearing one. Wish I had a camera. It would have been a perfect Coke/Pepsi type picture to put on our Facebook’s site.

Didn’t win any prizes at this event. I usually win at least something so I guess my luck might have run out. I’m accused of being the luckiest guy in our office and everyone has me entering all their names in drawings etc. for them.

I participated in the sunrise scramble which is a 2 mile run at 7 am in the morning. I proud to say I was the leader of the pack for the first 200 yards. Well, maybe I was a close second to Chris Dew from eOne. Let’s just say the remaining distance was significantly harder than the first few yards and I’m still hurting from running two days ago.

For some reason my laptop wouldn’t project on the projector for the first presentation. Thankfully Jenny Davis was around in the morning to save the day. She’s the new owner of the partner channel but  its quite evident she is still very much in charge of operations and details. It’s great to work with someone so responsive to the needs of the people attending the event. Good job Jenny and team.

GP 2010 Document E-mail Distribution

Dynamics GP 2010 includes new functionality that allows you to easily send sales and purchasing documents to your business partners via e-mail.  This is easy to set up and easy to use.

There are two system set up screens to go to:

Tools  >>  Setup  >>  Company  >>  E-mail Settings


Then go to either the Sales Series or Purchasing Series from this screen.  Select which documents you want to enable for e-mailing.  You should also add a message for each document type so that the subject and the body of your e-mail messages are filled out appropriately.

After the system setups, you can go to individual customer cards and set up e-mail settings and e-mail addresses.  Open the Address ID associated with the customers “Bill To” address.  Click on the Internet Address icon, next to the Address ID and add the e-mail addresses for the individuals to whom you want to send the documents.

Next  you’ll want to go to the  E-mail Options tab, from the Customer card to indicate which documents you want to be sent to the customer via e-mail.

Once you’ve set up your customers to receive documents via e-mail, you can send documents from a batch or from individual transactions.  To send from the Sales Transaction screen, click on the e-mail message icon at the top of the screen.

You can also send documents from the batch as well.

Here is a quick video I created to show this in action:

Blog >> SQL View >> Dynamics GP >> Excel

Retrieving information from Dynamics GP for reporting purposes is so easy to do because there are several great tools available and there are many sources of information on how to use the tools and specific code to make and build reports.

Victoria Yudin writes a blog in which she generously shares SQL code that allows you to easily create SQL views to retrieve information from Dynamics GP.  Victoria wrote this article this week, and in it includes code for creating a SQL View that retrieves information about payables invoices and associated purchase order line details.  This is fantastic.

You can easily copy the code from her blog and paste it into a new query using SQL Server Management Studio.  Execute the query and it will create the view.  The SQL view can be used in Excel and SmartList Builder to create SmartLists that all users can have access to.

I created this short video that shows how easy it is to do.

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