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Searching Microsoft’s Knowledge Base

PictureI’ve blogged about this topic before but it seems like things were way too easy to find on partnersource (better make sure everyone catches my dry wit) so MBS thought they would spice things up a bit.

I hit up a few MBS folks at WPC and they actually had a few work arounds to my heated complaints. I better give credit to Shane Kvalevog for some of these insights.

  1. When searching the knowledge base make sure you limit your search to only include the knowledgebase. (duh)


  • Also select the language but leave all countries as many articles are tagged as all countries not just for the US.
  • You can save your default settings so you don’t have to keep doing this every time you try to search.

      2. I mentioned I still use the old search tool as I had it booked marked and it was still available. He looked a little offended and said it was going away soon. I pleaded for him to keep it just a little while longer as it seemed like I can find things better with it. It’s still around but maybe it’s just because MBS forgot about it.

      3. My own input here. Google what you are looking for first. I tried Bing a bunch but for some reason Google just finds more out there.

Hopefully that helps with your searching endeavors.

In the trenches with Management Reporter

Picture I just finished up my first project using Management Reporter (MR). As I said in this blog, I learn best by getting a project and digging in. It took a while to get used to the new tool but it is very similiar to FRx and it didn’t take that long to feel comfortable.

Here are a few items that tripped me up:

  • Why would this setup give you the error: This report contains one or more errors that prevent it from being rendered.



Answer: If you have any TOT or CAL row that references a blank space you will error out. (See row 200 being referenced in row 1300’s total.)

  • If you don’t see any data coming up even though MR lets you pull accounts from dimension there is a setting in company setup that wasn’t checked. Companies>>company>>source system (choose settings)>>additional settings.



Put the radio button in Dynamics GP Financials if you don’t have analytical accounting data.

Another couple of notes. If you are planning to migrate from FRx to MR you might want to wait until after the next hot fix comes out. It will fix a lot of issues.

Also, if you export out the building block groups (spec set formats) make sure the account formats are the same as the original. The account numbers on the rows will go away.

And one last thing. The errors in MR are terrible. Try looking at the event viewer in administrative tools. That will give you more detail than the generic, non descript errors.

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