Instructions for Modifying Word Form Templates in GP 2010

The Word template forms in GP2010 have some nice advantages to Report Writer forms such as increase graphics capabilities and the ability to assign customer specific sales forms. Modifying these Word templates can be tricky and there is little documentation to date. The first thing to know is that, when installing a GP 2010 client, you need to install the “Microsoft GP Add-in for Microsoft Word” found under additional products in the installation media. This Add-in will add access to Great Plains fields from within Word. Once installed, you will find a “Field List” icon on the Developer tab of Word.


If you don’t see your Developer tab, you can enable the Developer tab in Word Options – Popular. In Office 2007, it looks like:

The following are instructions for modifying Word Templates, including adding a GP field to a Word template found under Reports – Template Maintenance:


  1. Select report name drop down, navigate to the report that you want modified, and select that report.
  2. Click the NEW button, choose existing template button, select your chosen template, and give it a new name.
  3. Then choose the modify button. Word will open for modification.
  4. In order to add a field to an empty space on the Word document, you need to first insert a table.
  5. Navigate to the designer tab in Word, select your field, then drag field into the new table
  6. Save the Word document
  7. In GP template maintenance, select your modified template, choose the plus button, and then navigate to your modified Word document and select your modified Word document. This step updates your GP template form with the changes made to the Word document.
  8. Choose the Assign button and assign your modified template as the default form for a company or customer.

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