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Error registering table GL_Account_MSTR

I don’t usually like posting on break/fix type issues. It’s pretty hard making GL_Account_MSTR posts entertaining and most of the usual Dynamics headaches are documented on the knowledge base or someone elses blog. But for some reason I couldn’t find this error anywhere.

So instead of giving you the anwer right off I need to at least tell a story to make this a little more interesting.

Most of the time I work directly with our clients to fix a wide range of issues.  Over the weekend our CEO came in to work but was met with a whole litany of errors when running reports in Dynamics. Dealing with a client is one thing but I always feel added pressure to resolve issues quickly when dealing with the big boss lady.

Hoping to impress I jump into action thinking maybe, just maybe, if I do this right I can secure a pay raise or something. Much to my chagrin not a single soul has posted about this error. I did find posts of similar errors and one was from my most trusted colleague Steve chapman.

After a bit of hemming and hawing I dust off the cobwebs from the weekend and remember our most excellent payroll guru applied the new HIRE Act update for payroll to our own system late last week. Mike from our office explaines the HIRE Act well in this post.

Now, my number one rule for doing any type of update or upgrade is to recreate the reports.dic file.  It never fails (well, at least 50% of the time) Reports.dic gets corrupted. Don’t even say it David Musgrave. I know you are right about shared reports.dic files.

After recreating the reports.dic file everything was peachy keen. In the recreation process I found the 3 reports that had issues were:

  • Tax Schedule List
  • Trial Balance Detail
  • Trial Balance Detail by Period

I’m still waiting to hear about that pay raise.

Round 5 Tax Code Update – HIRE Act

If your are struggling with installation of the Round 5 Tax Code Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP payroll, there is an additional wrinkle you probably have not realized.  The documentation for the update anticipates that you will have installed the tax code udate prior to any payroll runs in July (July being the start of 3rd quarter reporting).  The documentatiton instructs you to run the report for the 2nd quarter only.  If you had payroll runs in July (3rd quarter) before you install the Round 5 Tax Code you have FICA amounts posted to the general ledger that should be adjusted.

 If you did have payroll runs in July, it is important to run the Payroll Tax Adjustment Report (HIRE) for the third quarter to identify FICA amounts that you will have to back out of your general ledger.  Another word of caution.  Be sure to run the Payroll Tax Report after installing the Round 5 Tax Code, but before you run any more payrolls in July.  The report will list all FICA amounts for the ENTIRE quarter so it is important to understand under what conditions you are running the report.

The HIRE Act actually went into effect on March 19, 2010.  If you had HIRE Act qualified employees for the period 3/19/2010 to 3/31/2010, then you should determine the general ledger adjustments for FICA wages by reviewing historical payroll posting journals, and again make the necessary adjustments to FICA expense and liability. Running the Payroll Tax Adjustment Report will list all FICA wages for HIRE Act qualified employess for the ENTIRE 1st quarter.

I don’t want to sound unkind, but there must be an easier way to encourage employers to hire new employees.

Is This Spam?

This stuff is hilarious and a nuisance.  Here are some examples of the spam we’re getting at this blog:

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“Numerous of my buddies mentioned to me that numerous content articles about the weblog could be of misleading towards the readers as numerous from the composing are as well subjective. I just agreed with them but I do believe that you will find nevertheless some blogs which can bring up great worth towards the reader. One of the most essential point is we as reader require to study after which reflecting ourselve without having accept every thing that the writer composing about. Therefore, I usually maintain this principle for all of the weblog post and I believe you might believe the exact same way as I believe.”

Very Simple Field Level Security

Frank Hamelly on his blog GP2themax recently showed an example of how to use Field Level Security to add a security restriction to a standard GP form.

His article is here.

I created a short video to show this in action.

It’s very easy to do.  You should try it out.

Bill Clinton at WPC

I must admit I haven’t been the biggest Bill Clinton fan in the past…but I was still intrigued to listen to former president Clinton. He certainly knew the crowd he was preaching to. Great jokes for the you to middle aged IT crowd. We got there early and found the right portal to go down when the lines opened. We ended up 3 rows back right down on ice level. Seats would have been perfect if it was a Capitals game.

Main focus of the speech was where does he see the world going and how does technology play into that. Some take aways are listed below:

1. We know WHAT needs to be done as a whole. We still need to figure out HOW to accomplish things

2. Technology has increased capabilities for humanitarian efforts. No way his foundation could do as much good as they have done without the aid of technology.

3. Improved technology is directly related to efficiency to increase return on land production. For example on a quarter acre of land return was $60 and now it’s increased to $400 in South Africa. Another one is price of medication for aids has dramatically decreased in the past couple of years.

4. Social networking is being used to keep donors constantly in touch with foundation activities as well as keeping donor opportunities open throughout the year

5. “Old gray hairs” is now using twitter which he never thought would

6. Pres. Clinton is looking for solutions about providing educational facilities and opportunities for children. He asked for suggestions and volunteers. He had one person say to him “I’m retired, please send me somewhere I can be of use to you”.

7. Standing ovation was in order. He really seemed down to earth and sincere. Has spent a lot of time (since 2001) helping people in need. Mentioned Haiti quite a bit.

Great stuff. Glad I got there early to get good seats. In person he is quite witty and charming and had the crowd in the palm of his hands. Look at me, I have a crush. I better stop before I change political parties.

WPC, So Far

I’m hanging out at our booth at WPC in D.C. and I thought I’d write down my thoughts so far regarding the conference.

1. I’ve heard the phrase cloud computing innumerable times in the last 2 days

2. Convergence is really different than WPC. It’s kind of funny to have to explain what Dynamics is

3. WPC is way more internationally based than Convergence. Of course Convergence has it’s international attendees but I think I’ve been on 3 different bus rides and was the only one speaking conversational English. Kind of cool being surrounded by such a wide range of people

4. The traffic we’ve had at our myGPcloud booth has been at some times overwhelming. Lot’s of interest.

5. D.C. is hot and humid. I love it.

6. People love T-shirts. Glad we don’t have to bring 4 boxes home.

7. I love meeting and talking with people. Nice to get out of my cage once and a while.

8. 5 for 1 exam passes are a great deal.

9. New competency announced around the cloud offering. Not quite sure of the details but it relates to BPOS partners.

10. Waxing legs doesn’t really help if you are a male booth babe.

Any fellow Blogger blog follower at WPC? I’m at the myGPcloud booth on the 100 row. I’d love to meet anyone that follows my random thoughts.

More to come.

Instructions for Modifying Word Form Templates in GP 2010

The Word template forms in GP2010 have some nice advantages to Report Writer forms such as increase graphics capabilities and the ability to assign customer specific sales forms. Modifying these Word templates can be tricky and there is little documentation to date. The first thing to know is that, when installing a GP 2010 client, you need to install the “Microsoft GP Add-in for Microsoft Word” found under additional products in the installation media. This Add-in will add access to Great Plains fields from within Word. Once installed, you will find a “Field List” icon on the Developer tab of Word.


If you don’t see your Developer tab, you can enable the Developer tab in Word Options – Popular. In Office 2007, it looks like:

The following are instructions for modifying Word Templates, including adding a GP field to a Word template found under Reports – Template Maintenance:


  1. Select report name drop down, navigate to the report that you want modified, and select that report.
  2. Click the NEW button, choose existing template button, select your chosen template, and give it a new name.
  3. Then choose the modify button. Word will open for modification.
  4. In order to add a field to an empty space on the Word document, you need to first insert a table.
  5. Navigate to the designer tab in Word, select your field, then drag field into the new table
  6. Save the Word document
  7. In GP template maintenance, select your modified template, choose the plus button, and then navigate to your modified Word document and select your modified Word document. This step updates your GP template form with the changes made to the Word document.
  8. Choose the Assign button and assign your modified template as the default form for a company or customer.

Did Three Users for $1 Really Work?

When Microsoft first announced the “Three Users for a $1” campaign, I have to admit, I wasn’t really thrilled about the idea of going out there and selling something for well….basically nothing. But as I have come to realize, something is better than nothing, especially when the economy is still weak.

This campaign was a great opportunity to reach back to prospects who were either on the fence about the product or the dollars associated with buying a new system were just too great given our current economic conditions.

I have been speaking to a number of partners in the channel and there seems to have been unbelievable momentum around the campaign and it really seems to be getting prospects to take notice of the product and actually make the commitment to a new ERP system.

Unofficially, the buzz I am hearing around the channel is that more Microsoft Dynamics GP licenses were sold during the last month of June than an entire first half of the year for some of its competitors!!! I guess proof will be in the numbers when Microsoft releases its earnings for the quarter. Watch out Netsuite, Sage and Epicor, Microsoft is in this game to win! Was there ever a doubt?

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