Dynamics GP Payroll Tax Update Round 9

I recently helped a client load the Payroll Tax Round 9 Update – both the tax table update and the tax code update.  As indicated the Round 9 documentation, there are only a couple reasons why you would need to do the program update, one of which is if the Round 4 tax code update was not done.  The date of the last code update, as well as last tax table update, are shown on the Payroll Tax Update window.  If the Round 4 code update was loaded, the last code update date will be 2/26/2009.  If the Round 6 code update was loaded (necessary for Louisiana & Missouri employees), the last code update should be 6/22/2009.  When I first checked this client’s Payroll Tax Setup window, their last code update was a 2008 date so I determined they needed to load the code update as well as tax table update. 

A few odd/expected things came up during the process.  First, the program code file that you download from Partner/CustomerSource (KB971014-V10-ENU.msp) is titled “Canadian Payroll 2009 Tax Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 (Round 4)” however, it is for US Payroll as well.  So keep that in mind (won’t say how much time I spent searching for the US Payroll version!)  Second, after I carefully performed each step to load the payroll code and tax update, only the Last Tax Table Update Date had changed, the Last Code Update Date had not changed.  I checked the Payroll Setup window and the Cobra field was there (which was a part of the code update).  I checked the version of Dynamics and HR and they both were up to v10 service pack 3 (which was also a part of the code update).  So everything looked like the code had been loaded, except the last code update field, strange!  I checked with Microsoft Tech Support and they agreed that the code had been successfully installed.  They said that they had seen this happen a few times in the past.  This client is on a 64bit system which might have something to do with it, Microsoft wasn’t really sure.  To update the Last Tax Code Update date to the correct date, Microsoft showed me that I had to manually change it in the Dex.ini file.  Once we did that, the Payroll Tax Setup window looked correct.  Of course, you should do this ONLY if you have confirmed the code did actually load.

Everything else with the update went fine.  The code was loaded on the client workstations without issue.  We didn’t even have to rebuild the reports dictionaries and this client had many modified reports in core GP and HR.  But I was ready with my backups, just in case!  As Doug Pitcher as noted many times, always take the safe route and make proper backups.

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