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SSRS Reports Available in Dynamics GP 10.0

This is a list of SQL Server Reporting Services reports that are available for Dynamics GP 10.0. You should also check out the KnowledgeBase article #954242

SSRS reports:

Field Service

Contract Information
SVC RTV Hard Copy


Additions Report
Bank Transaction History Report
Checkbook Register
Fixed Asset Depreciation Detail
Fixed Assets Depreciation Ledger
Fixed Assets to General Ledger Reconciliation Report
Journal Entry Report
Period Projection Report
Retirements Report
Source Cross Reference
Trial Balance Detail
Trial Balance Summary
Undeposited Receipts

Human Resources

Employee Attendance Detail
Employee Attendance Summary
Enrollment by Benefit
Enrollment by Employee


Purchase Advice Report
Purchase Receipts
Sales Summary
Stock Status


BOM Detail Report
Item Standard Cost Changes Report
Job Detail
Manufacturing BOM Report Standard Costs
MO PO Links Report Sort By Vendor
Picking Report – Item Number
Picking Report Multibin – Item Number
Traveler Graphics Reports


Check History
Check Registry
Department Wage and Hour Report
Earnings Summary
Employee Pay History
Employee Wage and Hour
Payroll Summary
State Wage Report
Vacation Sick Time List


Detail Trial Balance
Monthly Employee Utilization
PA PBW T and M
Pre-Billing Worksheet CPFP
Pre-Billing Worksheet T and M
Project Cost Breakdown
Projects in Progress


Aged Trial Balance – by Document Date
Aged Trial Balance Details Subreport – by Document Date
Back-ordered Items Received
Cash Requirements
Expected Shipments
Historical Aged Trial Balance
Purchase Order History
Purchase Order Status
Received Not Invoiced
Receivings Trx History
Transaction Detail
Vendor Summary


Accounts Due
Aged Trial Balance – Detail
Historical Aged Trial Balance
Receivables Sales Analysis
Sales Distribution History
Sales Document Status
Sales Transaction History
Sales Transaction History Payment Details Subreport
Sales Transaction History Tax Details Subreport
SOP Document Analysis
SOP Document Analysis by Customer
SOP Inventory Sales Report

Once you’ve got these loaded, take a look at my quick video about using the Report Builder function in SSRS.

Payroll update for Dynamics GP round 9

Round 9 payroll update was released for Dynamics GP today. This affects only California so if it’s above 60 degrees and you are living close to the Sharks or Kings and west of the Coyotes chances are you will need to do this. (Sorry, Canadian’s mostly use temperature and hockey town’s for figuring out geographic locations. For example, I live 5 hours south of the Calgary Flames, 8 hours from the stinky Oilers, not far enough from the Canadiens. I digress.)

It’s just a tax table update so no code is installed (assuming you have already applied round 4 where the code was changed.) Back up the Dynamics database then on the server or any workstation, log onto Microsoft Dynamics GP with the System Administrator user, and open the Payroll Tax Update window. (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu>> Maintenance>> U.S. Payroll Updates>> Check for Tax Updates) and you’re good to go.

If you are still on Great Plains 8.0, shame on you. But you can probably just download this file and run it on your sql backend. Save you some time from updating this all manually. The file is the file and can be ran instead of doing the automatic payroll update. Make sure you back up the Dynamics database before so executing.

Important, Please read
Another side note for payroll. I received word today that MBS is starting their GP 12 planning as they think they’ve done about all they can with GP 11. (Hope that’s a good thing.) I was asked for any wish lists items for HR and Payroll. If you have anything you would like added to Dynamics payroll and HR, NOW is the time to voice your opinion. If you don’t have a MBS super secret contact to get you in on the planning leave a comment here and I’ll be sure to voice your opinion. (I’m talking to you Chris.)

Collections Management

The Collections Management module in GP includes features that assist you in managing and collecting your accounts receivable. The module is included in the Advanced Management BRL license. And though many organizations own the license to use this module, I rarely see it implemented.

There are five features that I think really make it useful for controlling your outstanding accounts:

1.) Most of the information that you would want access to in order to review a specific client’s account is accessible from one screen; the Collections Main screen

2.) You can create various queries to select customer accounts that allow you to focus your attention on the accounts that need the most attention

3.) You can create notes that document activities and conversations regarding specific customer accounts.

4.) You can easily re-print selected invoices, print a current account statement, select an appropriate cover letter, and distribute to the customer via fax or e-mail.

5.) You can print a standard aging report that includes the notes relevant to each customer’s account.

If you haven’t implemented Collections Management yet, you should take a look at it. I recorded a short video to show you my favorite features.

Have You Used Any of These?

I’ve used several of these machines in the past; how about you?

David Musgrave suggested the following two additions; the Amiga, and the Sinclair ZX80:

New Roseling

Just came back from having a week off due to the birth of our third child. It was a great experience and both baby girl and mother are doing well.

Still haven’t named her yet. I’ve suggested Rose, Steve-anie, Mariana, Davita, Markita, Victoria, and many other homages to my blogging and Dynamics buddies….but my wife just rolls her eyes and says “To bad I didn’t know what a geek you were before we got married.” ha.

Any suggestions for names would be welcome.

Extended Pricing

The Extended Pricing module allows you at add date sensitive pricing in your system. The module is also more customer oriented than the basic pricing.

This is a basic set up diagram of the module; with some key points listed:

The price sheet is the basis for pricing. Price sheets will include all basic pricing and promotional pricing. You will want to set up a basic price sheet that contains basic pricing for all you items. Additional price sheets should be set up for different promotions or special pricing.

Price groups can be set up to include items with the same pricing. These are especially helpful for promotions or special pricing. You likely will not want to use them for basic pricing.

Price sheets are all activated for specific time periods; even the basic/default price sheet.

Price books should be used to assign default pricing to your entire customer base, and to assign pricing to individual customers, or groups of customers.

There is a special feature that allows you to set up a promotion that gives the customer a free item when they purchase a specific quantity of an item. Here is an example below that shows the quantity brackets for which the free item is offered:

The free item offered in the promotion can be the same item ordered, or a different item. The free item is specified in the screen below:
I created a short video to show you this in action. Take a look at it.

Lessons Learned: CRM 4.0 Adapter for GP 10.0

We are excited about this new integration with Microsoft CRM and Dynamics GP, so we jumped right in, and installed it on our production systems. Our systems engineer is a genius, and what follows are his comments related to his experience. Consider this an experiential addendum:

1. Must have GP 10 SP4 applied. (There are caveats to sp4 so be aware)

2. Must have at least rollup5 for CRM applied. (Rollup6 was out in Oct 2009 so I used rollup6)

3. Must have GPwebservices for GP10 sp4 and Management tools sp4 installed.

  • Had issues with the GPwebSerice not showing up in Dynamics Security console.
  • Ran a repair on the GPWebServices and the management tools and it resolved the issue.

4. Must have Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package ATL Security Update applied to same server GPwebservices is installed.;=766a6af7-ec73-40ff-b072-9112bab119c2#filelist

5. Must have domain service accounts created. You can determine how many you need. Recommend at least 3 svc_gpweb, svc_gpcrmadmin, svc_gpcrm.

6. GPWebservice Account – Permissions granted during install.

7. Installation account – The account that installs the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

a. Be a domain user and a member of the Local Administrators group on the server where Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP is to be installed.
b. Be assigned at least the dbcreator and securityadmin server roles on the SQL server where the MSDI database is to be stored

8. Integration account – The account that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter Service runs as. Permissions granted during install of Dynamics GP CRM adapter.

9. Configuration account – The account that runs the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Configuration Utility.

a. This account must be able to modify the membership of the CRM PrivUserGroup Security Group in the domain that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Servers are joined to.
b. If this account is not in the db_datareader and db_datawriter roles for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization databases, you must use a SQL Server user name and password to update the Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization databases.

10. Integration GP account – The account that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP uses to connect to Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Services.
a. Permissions granted in the Dynamics Security Console

11. Integration CRM account – The account that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP uses to connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web Services.
a. This account must belong to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM User that has organizational-level read privileges for system user on the CRM Organization that you plan to integrate.

12. CRM Deployment Administrator account – The account that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Configuration Utility uses to retrieve a list of Microsoft Dynamics CRM organizations and apply customizations to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM organizations.

13. GP Adapter configuration – Had an error: application domain …… Only way to fix it was uninstall adapter and remove MSDI database. (just removing database may have fixed it but just uninstall did not)

Fulfillment Workflow in Sales Order Processing

The Advanced Distribution module in Dynamics GP allows you to setup a workflow process for order fulfillment. You can select up to six steps, and rename them to fit your organization. This functionality gives you more control over the order fulfilment process and helps ensure that orders are processed accurately.

These are the setup steps from the contextual “Help” documentation:

If you’re using sales fulfillment workflow, use the Sales Fulfillment Order/Invoice Setup window to activate workflow for sales. Use the Sales Fulfillment Document Workflow Setup window to select the workflow statuses to track for a fulfillment order/invoice type ID with the Enable Fulfillment Workflow option marked. You must mark Status 6 and at least one other status to track workflow information.

To set up fulfillment workflow for sales:

Open the Sales Fulfillment Order/Invoice Setup window. (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Sales >> Sales Order Processing >> Sales Document Setup button >> select the Fulfillment Order/Invoice option)

Enter or select a fulfillment order ID/invoice ID for the workflow you’re setting up.

Mark the Enable Fulfillment Workflow option.

Choose Workflow to open the Sales Fulfillment Document Workflow Setup window.

To exclude a document status from the workflow process, unmark the Active option for the status.

Choose OK in the Sales Fulfillment Document Workflow Setup window. Choose Save in the Sales Fulfillment Order/Invoice Setup window.

This is the window in whch you can modify the description for the different steps. (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Sales >> Fulfillment Workflow Setup)

This is the window referenced above that allows you to setup workflows for specific sales document ID’s:

Publishing Refreshable Excel Reports with Dynamics GP

This video shows you how to generate refreshable Excel reports from Dynamics GP, and then publish them to SharePoint and make them accessible in Outlook. Refreshable Excel reports allows you to format an Excel spreadsheet as you wish, and then at anytime refresh the data in the spreadsheet from the GP database.

45 Day Trial Offer of Microsoft Dynamics GP Hosting

I can’t believe Linda is making this offer. She actually wants to give away 45 days of hosted Dynamics GP, with no commitment, no deposit, no money at all.

Linda is making this offer to partners through November 30, 2009. Here is the opening of the offer:

RoseASP is now offering free hosting to partners on behalf of their prospects and customers. This is a great opportunity to get your customers on board with Dynamics GP by having them simply try it out. Whether they host, purchase, or eventually decide to go “on-premise”. RoseASP will assist you in closing deals.

Bring us your prospect and we will create a separate company, with up to 5 users, on our servers, so that Partners can begin working with their prospect on the ease of use and quick up-time with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Prospect/Customer data will be stored in a secure, managed environment with 24/7 support and monitoring. We will guarantee a quick turnaround – less than a day – in getting your prospect up and running!!! Microsoft Dynamics Partners will maintain complete control of their customers with our Hosting Partnership Agreements.

This is a great opportunity to start clients out with no software licence commitment.

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