FRx Forecaster Import is Easy

In presenting demos of Microsoft Forecaster over the past years, I have always avoided using the import tools to get data into Forecaster. However for the demo I presented last week I wanted to import actual data from Dynamics GP and comma delimted data from MS Project, so I could show our prospect how Forecaster could be used to compre actual and plan data for a project oriented developer.

As it turned out, it was easy to do.

For Dynamics GP data, navigate to: Tools >> Import >> ExpressLink. This will start the ExpressLink Wizard that will direct you to login into FRx and Dynamics GP. The next process is to set up a mapping of the accounts and time periods from Dynamics GP, to Forecaster. This map can be reused. Then you just start the import and the data rolls into your column layouts. Easy.

For the MS Project data, I used the Data Import screen which one gets to by navigating to: Tools >> Import >> Data. This will create a batch of “transactions” that will then be “posted” by Forecaster. The process will have you create a mapping of accounts and time periods; that can be saved for future use.

These two processes were easy to learn and ran without problems.

When I get more time, I’m going to mess around with the “Import Detail Data” import to see how that works.

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