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New Dynamics GP Updates Released

We just received news about the following Dynamics GP updates:

GP 9.0 Tax Update
This would include the following regulatory changes:
941 form change, include the COBRA tracking changes
I-9 changes
April Canadian Payroll Tax update

US 9.0 Tax Update

Canada 9.0 Tax Update

All inclusive 9.0 patch listing/versions

SBF 9.0

10.0 March English Hotfix KB 968118
This also includes the U.S. Payroll Round 4 Update and the Canadian Payroll April 2009 Tax Update.

Please note the following items regarding updates: (This info will be on the Update Hot Topic)
1. Users currently on Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains 8.0 cannot update to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 with this March hotfix. The update will fail. These users can install the February hotfix or earlier prior to launching Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Utilities for the update.
2. This hotfix does not include the update path for users who have installed the 9.0 March hotfix. Those users who installed the March hotfix for Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 still cannot update to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 until the next hotfix release.
3. All Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 service packs, hotfixes, and compliance releases now require a modified reports and forms dictionary update. Click HERE to refer to a Hot Topic detailing the information.


GP 10.0 Tax Update
All inclusive 10.0 patch listing/versions

US 10.0 Tax Update

Canada 10.0 Tax Update

Reports.dic file and updating SP’s in 10.0

Got the below email from Terry Heley (MBS payroll lead) in conjunction with the new payroll update coming out today. Sounds like a major pain for any SP updates but does sound like job security for Dynamics support people.

Basically, Make sure you update Reports.dic before you do anything. I’d probably export out all reports etc using customization maintenance. Then update the reports using Utilities (I’d probably say a prayer, cross your fingers, commence any other helpful acts of meditation and serenity etc.)

Haven’t needed to do this for a SP yet but my guess is creating a new reports.dic file and importing in your old reports after the SP update would be an easier way to update the reports after a SP.

Notice no error messages will be given if you don’t do this step other than some probably errors when you run the report. Nice one MBS.

A new requirement has been added to the Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 service pack, hot fix and compliance release install process. All modified reports and forms must be updated in Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities following the database update. In the past this was only a requirement for the major release update, such as from GP 9.0 to GP 10.0. Because of data model changes, etc. that are now in the MSP patch files, the modified reports and forms must also be updated. This new process does not apply to Microsoft Dynamic GP 9.0.

The FTE System Team and VMC System Team handles the support for all service packs, hotfixes and compliance update installations on GP 9.0 and GP 10.0. The support for the new modified reports and forms update process on GP 10.0 will also be handled by the FTE and VMC System Teams.

PLEASE NOTE: If a user launches into Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 without updating the modified dictionaries, they WILL NOT get prompted to update the files. Therefore, the user might see errors running reports and accessing forms. If you have a case where a user is getting errors running a report or accessing a form following a service pack, hotfix, or compliance update, please ask if they went through the modified dictionary update process following the MSP patch install.

This new process has been added to the U.S. Payroll/Canadian Payroll Documents and the 10.0 Hotfix Install Guide. A new Hot Topic has also been published. The current hot topic indicating that GP 10.0 patches may damage the reports and forms will also be updated with this new process.

Here are the links to the new Hot Topic that is live right now. Once the March hotfix is available, this link will also be available on the hotfix download page.



Dynamics GP Payroll Tax Changes

Congress’ recent passage of the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 will require changes to Dynamics GP payroll tax tables. The new withholding tables, along with other instructions related to the new tax law, will be incorporated in new Publication 15-T. The IRS asks that employers start using these new tables as soon as possible but not later than April 1. Most workers will see a boost in their take-home pay soon thereafter. Microsoft should be releasing a new round of tax table changes during the week of March 23rd.

Additionally, the Act made changes to COBRA premium tracking changes that allow for certain workers that have lost their jobs to be provided a credit for a portion of their COBRA payments. The COBRA changes and resulting changes to the quarterly federal 941 employer reporting will require a code update for users of Dynamics GP Payroll. The code changes will be in the form of a service pack inclusive of all previous service packs and hot fixes.

This service pack must be installed on all workstations running Dynamics GP. The service pack is currently slated to include fixes for several critical items in manufacturing, inventory, field service and project accounting. The service pack should also be available during the week of March 23rd. The tax table changes can be installed independently from the service pack.

Useful Dynamics SQL scripts

Our practice manager Brian Donahue passed over this nice link to several SQL scripts that can save time and money.

Check it out.

Thanks Brian.

Convergence 2009 wrap up

Had a great time in New Orleans. Fun to be with our customers and other Dynamics people. Met some people that follow this blog. I guess I’m not writing totally into space. Thanks Chris for seeking me out. Fun to meet people face to face.

Here are a few blogs about convergence to reference before I get to my wrap up.

  • Mark Polino – I went to Marks second session and it was fun to hear all the oh and aw’s on the 50 tips. Heard a lot of good comments from all the people in the crowd I was sitting around. Great tips as a whole.
  • FRx buzz- I wasn’t too worked up about the FRx announcement at Convergence. I seem to remember hearing FRx was going away 2 convergences ago and was shocked then but have gotten over the whole drama it seems to spread everytime MBS decides to go a new direction for a month or two only to back track and decide something else. They have announced the plans for FRx and it’s detailed pretty good in this blog. However, I still think there are a lot of things still to be worked out. In either case, FRx will still be supported for many years for existing Dynamics customers. New customers will probably be the guinea pigs as they won’t have the option to use FRx but will have to purchase Management Reporter. Either way you’re looking at a time line of several years before FRx completely goes away.

Checked out GP 11 a bit. Hard to get too worked up about a product that is still a year from being released. They say Q2 of next year for a release date but would guess they are padding the date in the hopes to release it next April for Convergence or shortly there after.

Convergences has been announced for 2010 in Alanta, April 25 – 28, 2010. A month later than usual. I like the move as March is always a tough month to be away. Could be also tied to give MBS another month to get the 11.0 release of GP ready for Convergence. Just my own guessing.

Dug further into the invoice, PO’s, etc. to word thing for 11.0. The more I asked questions the more I realized that it’s a mystery to most. Some MBS tech guys I hit up said it was the first they’d seen of it. Mark Polino suggests it’s still going to be report writer as the underlying tool. If I had to make any guesses (probably biased as to what I thought was going to happen in the past) is that report writing will eventually move to SQL Server Reporting Services. Nothing to really get worked up about until more details are released. Let me know anyone has any insider information as would love to get the scoop.

Many of the session PowerPoint decks are on the Convergence website now. Looks like you have to have a login and password to get there.

Overall New Orleans was a nice venue. Don’t think I’d take up residence on Bourbon Street but it was an experience to remember. The term Accountants Gone Wild came to mind a time or two but think MOST people behaved themselves. ha.

Convergence 2009 thoughts

Nice to be in New Orleans. I think the location is almost as nice as San Diego. Definitely like it better than Dallas and Orlando. Only been here for a couple of days but have already decided I need to come back to explore the area more extensively.

Here are some of my thoughts about the conference so far. Mark Polino has a list of his thoughts as well.

  1. Announcements have been minimal. They have previewed GP 11.0 but that won’t release until Q2 of 2010 so not much sense in getting to worked up about it yet.
  2. Wish I could say GP 11 doesn’t use report writer anymore. Instead of sending some reports to screen it will send the report to Word (for Invoices, PO’s etc.) I haven’t seen any details on how to build reports or anything. Should be interesting to see the conversion process from RW reports to Word. It’s about time really. The majority of people I work with would rather take a bath with a moray eel (Audobon Aquarium reference) than develop reports with RW.
  3. Extender is going to have more capabilities in 11.0. Can create windows that are stand alone. They won’t need to be attached to other GP windows. Kind of looks like they are adapting more of the eOne enterprise features.
  4. Hosting is a frequent buzz word here. Amazing to see how many people say they host in one form or another. Although I did talk with someone who said they’d like to get into hosting but they don’t want to actually do the hosting part. I figured out they wanted to team up with someone that would do the hosting while they could focus on GP for their clients. I referred them to Rose ASP. That’s what they do and have done it for a long time.
  5. FRx is going to be called Report Manager and will get some basic budgeting capabilites similar to Forecaster. Sounds like their is still some uncertainty regarding where this is going. Doubt FRx will change too much but who knows.
  6. The conference center is 3 miles long. We are staying at the Mariott accross the street which we thought was cool. Until we figured out that we have a 3 mile walk every morning. If you stayed at a hotel with a shuttle you’d end up walking less. Shouldn’t complain, my wife says she’s glad I can burn off some of the conference food.
  7. Food at conference overall has been good. Great food around the area. Went to Palace Cafe last night and had a great seafood plate. The night started with a dinner invite with Rick from Ascentis. We cabbed it to some local resturant up Canal Street. After sitting down to a meal we discovered they only accepted cash. Rick didn’t have cash so we ended up waiting outside for a half an hour for another cab. Beautiful night so it was nice to be outside. After a great meal at Palace Cafe Rick tried to pay with his one and only credit card. Which ended up being declined. We watch a grown man sweat, turn green, cry and almost pass out and am pretty sure he was begging the waiter for a job in the back to do dishes. We let him off the hook but probably will have some explaining to do to Linda for the hefty bill. ha.
  8. Expo is about the same from past years. Although the freebies are minimal.
  9. Like the environmental focus at the conference although the environmental Man Purse they gave us for a bag is silly. Gives me a place to hold my lip gloss and nail filer though.
  10. Rock-and-Rave was fun. Looking forward to the Spot tonight.

Love to meet up with any folks that read this blog. Drop me a line if you want to meet up or come by booth 1333 in the expo. Thanks to Mike that tracked me down and told me I don’t blog just for my own personal pleasure although he did say he thinks I should often be corrected in my opinions and posts. Bring it on Mike, love to learn even a fraction of what you know.

VAR versus Partner for Dynamics GP

In the software community the terms VAR (Value-Added Reseller) and Partner are often used interchangeably. I.E. “Who’s your VAR”. “My Partner is….”

When I describe both I don’t think the terms should be used interchangeably. Here’s a few distinctions between the two.


  • Sells software. (no matter what is best for the client.) This is how a VAR is compensated thus the need to sell whenever possible.
  • Adds value to the product by adding features or service. Services provided by a VAR often includes integrating, customizing, consulting, training and implementation. There’s been a lot of blogs posted recently on why or why not you should customize. In the VAR mindset, the more done from these activities the greater the income from that client.

Partner (Partnership)

  • Trusted advisor. Partners are more then resellers, implementers, etc. Partners advise clients on what the software will do and what it won’t do. When a Partner recommends a third party software or customization it is because of experience and knowledge that the addition will be in the best interest of the client.
  • Business Consultant. Not only used to implement software, used as a business/management consultant. I really believe the Dynamics software is only a small part of a successful implementation. We’ve all seen installations where you wonder “what in the world was that VAR/implementer thinking” and the software is a hindrance rather than a help. A partner will consult with the client and sometimes hold firm when a client is trying to do something with the software that will cause pain and heartache down the road. (I.E. Fixing something in the back end instead of through the user interface. I was asked to fix 100 transactions from SOP that had something wrong with them. I said no as the tables involved included GL, SOP, RM, CM (bank rec). I supposed I could have done it with enough time and effort but recommended simply fixing through the front end even with the large amount of transactions effected.)
  • Colleague – It sounds kind of hokey, I know, but clients are way more than just business transactions. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that partners/clients should be friends (certainly some are) but I would say in the Partner/client relationship the word colleague (Stolen from LinkedIn) certainly fits the bill. A partner would not do anything to take advantage of a colleague and certainly always has their best interest in mind.

Every once in a while we have a customer leave our “flock.” It always makes me stop and think how the relationship we had with the former customer went from being a Partner to just another VAR. Consider doing the following to protect the relationship between Partners and customers:

  1. Consistent contact. Doesn’t have to be daily or weekly in all cases. Certainly not if a project in not underway. I’d suggest at frequent contact by newsletter, email update on both company happenings and Dynamics news, phone call, Blog posting, customer lunch and learn, LinkedIn etc. Anything that can keep communication open between partners. We try to contact customers (depending on situation) by phone once a quarter and in person semi-annually.
  2. Continual improvement – This includes improving the client/partner relationship, partner knowledge, implementation process, follow-up. If you are not getting better you are getting worse. There is no staying the same. So if you think your relationship is about the same as last year with your partner/client, I’d suggest looking at ways to improve as most likely things are getting worse and it’s just not apparent.
  3. Partner support desk – Personnel that are reachable and responsive. I think it’s critical to have a support desk for partners to get a sense of their clients needs. I may be biased as I work in the support area of our company but whenever anyone needs to know about a certain client the first place consultants, sales people, and management turn to is the support people. Support is in constant contact clients. The support team’s whole purpose is to help the client thus making a bond between client and Partner stronger.

Anything else you would consider important to building, maintaining or improving the Partner relationship?

Articles to consider:


How to save a few clicks when posting a batch

For those users who enter/save transactions to a batch and then post the batch, they typically close the transaction entry window after entering/saving the last transaction, then open the appropriate batch window, then click on the batch lookup button to locate and select the desired batch, and then post the batch. Here’s a way to more quickly post the batch:
After the last transaction has been saved to the batch and the edit list has been generated and reviewed from the transaction entry window:
–click on the arrow button next to the Batch ID field (the batch ID must still be in this field), the Batch Entry window will open with the batch populated in the Batch ID field.
–close the transaction entry window (which is in the background), by clicking on the x button in the upper-right corner.
–Click post button.
An added benefit to this procedure is that you are sure to post the correct Batch ID because you do not have to enter/select it on the batch window.

Why can’t I return a PO shipment/receipt on the Returns Transaction Entry window?

You may have wanted to enter a return transaction to record a return of goods to a vendor or to reverse out a receipt that was posted incorrectly but were unable to do so because the receipt/shipment did not show up on the Returns Transaction Entry window. There are two main reasons this can happen: 1) the wrong return type (return vs. return with credit) has been selected and 2) the item quantity has already been removed by means of an inventory decrease adjustment. So, when you want to enter a PO return, you need to make sure you know all the details about the PO and its receipts. You can review the PO on the inquiry window (Inquiry>Purchasing>PO Documents).
If the items to be on the return were shipment receipt that has NOT been matched to an invoice, the return type must be RETURN. If the items to be returns were on a shipment receipt that has been matched to an invoice, the return type must be RETURN w/CREDIT.
If you have confirmed that you’re using the correct return type and the receipt is still not showing up, determine if the items have been issued out already. This can be determined by reviewing the Inventory Receipts Inquiry window (Inquiry>Inventory>Receipts). Locate the shipment/receipt and check the corresponding quantity sold. You can’t return any that have been recorded as “sold” – Dynamics GP thinks those items are gone so there’s no way you could return them to the vendor. If this is the case, the return is most likely being attempted to clear out an unmatched PO receipt (rather recording a true return of goods to the vendor). The PO can be cleared out by changing the status of the PO to “Closed” on the Edit PO window. After clearing out the PO, be sure to double check the GL and make sure that all accounts involved, especially the PO Accruals account, are correct; an adjustment GL journal entry may be necessary.
Also, keep in mind that after a receipt is returned, the same quantity on the same line item cannot be received again. If replacement times are being shipped by the vendor, a line for those items needs to be added to the PO.

Office Excel Reports List in Dynamics GP

These are the Office Excel Reports available from a standard install of Dynamics GP:

Accounting Classes Default.xlsx
Accounts Default.xlsx
AccountSummary Default.xlsx
AccountTransactions Current Financials Journal.xlsx
AccountTransactions Current Inventory Journal.xlsx
AccountTransactions Current Payroll Journal.xlsx
AccountTransactions Current Purchasing Journal.xlsx
AccountTransactions Current Sales Journal.xlsx
AccountTransactions Default.xlsx
AccountTransactions History Financials Journal.xlsx
AccountTransactions History Inventory Journal.xlsx
AccountTransactions History Payroll Journal.xlsx
AccountTransactions History Purchasing Journal.xlsx
AccountTransactions History Sales Journal.xlsx
Applicant Default.xlsx
ApplicantEducation Default.xlsx
BankTransactions Default.xlsx
ContractLines Default.xlsx
Contracts Contracts Expiring this Month.xlsx
Contracts Default.xlsx
CustomerAddress Default.xlsx
CustomerItems Default.xlsx
Customers Average Days to Pay.xlsx
Customers Customer Balance.xlsx
Customers Customer Contact List.xlsx
Customers Customers on Hold.xlsx
Customers Customers Over Credit Limit.xlsx
Customers Default.xlsx
Customers Inactive Customers.xlsx
Customers NSF Customers.xlsx
Customers Past Due Customers.xlsx
Distribution Queries Default.xlsx
EmployeeBenefit Default.xlsx
EmployeeEducation Default.xlsx
Employees Default.xlsx
Employees Employee List.xlsx
Employees Vacation Sick Time Available.xlsx
EmployeeSummary Default.xlsx
Equipment Default.xlsx
FieldServiceCalls Default.xlsx
FieldServiceCalls Open Service Calls.xlsx
FixedAssets Default.xlsx
FixedAssetsBooks Default.xlsx
FixedAssetsPurchase Default.xlsx
HistoryContractLines Default.xlsx
HistoryContracts Default.xlsx
HistoryFieldServiceCalls Default.xlsx
HistoryRMALines Default.xlsx
HistoryRMAs Default.xlsx
HistoryRTVLines Default.xlsx
HistoryRTVs Default.xlsx
InventoryPurchaseReceipts Default.xlsx
InventoryTransactions Default.xlsx
ItemQuantities Back Ordered Items.xlsx
ItemQuantities Default.xlsx
ItemQuantities Items Below Order Point Quantity.xlsx
ItemQuantities Items by Site.xlsx
ItemQuantities Items Due to be Counted.xlsx
ItemQuantities Items Overdue for Stock Count.xlsx
ItemQuantities Negative Quantity Items.xlsx
ItemQuantities Overstocked Items.xlsx
Items Default.xlsx
LandedCostGroupID Default.xlsx
LandedCostID Default.xlsx
MultidimensionalAnalysis Default.xlsx
Multilevel Queries Default.xlsx
PABillingCycle Default.xlsx
PABillingHistoricalTrx Default.xlsx
PABillingOpenTrx Default.xlsx
PABillingWorkTrx Default.xlsx
PAContracts Default.xlsx
PACostCategories Default.xlsx
PAEmployeeExpHistoricalTrx Default.xlsx
PAEmployeeExpTransactions Default.xlsx
PAEquipment Default.xlsx
PAEquipmentLogHistoricalTrx Default.xlsx
PAEquipmentLogTransactions Default.xlsx
PAIVTransferHistoricalTrx Default.xlsx
PAIVTransferTransactions Default.xlsx
PAMiscellaneous Default.xlsx
PAMiscLogHistoricalTrx Default.xlsx
PAMiscLogTransactions Default.xlsx
PAProjects Default.xlsx
PATimesheetHistoricalTrx Default.xlsx
PATimesheetTransactions Default.xlsx
PayablesTransactions 1099 Transactions.xlsx
PayablesTransactions Cash Requirements.xlsx
PayablesTransactions Default.xlsx
PayablesTransactions Discounts Expiring this Week.xlsx
PayablesTransactions Invoices by Vendor.xlsx
PayablesTransactions Past Due Payables.xlsx
PayablesTransactions Payables Documents on Hold.xlsx
PayablesTransactions Payables Due Today.xlsx
PayablesTransactions Today’s Payments.xlsx
PayablesTransactions Today’s Purchases.xlsx
PayablesTransactions Transactions by Vendor.xlsx
PayrollHistoricalTrx Check Information; Current Year.xlsx
PayrollHistoricalTrx Default.xlsx
PayrollTransactions Default.xlsx
PayrollTransactions Transaction Information.xlsx
Prospects Default.xlsx
PurchaseLineItems Default.xlsx
PurchaseLineItems Items Past Required Date.xlsx
PurchaseLineItems Overdue Receipts.xlsx
PurchaseLineItems PO Line Items Promised This Week.xlsx
PurchaseLineItems This Month’s Late Vendor Shipments.xlsx
PurchaseLineItems Today’s Expected Receipts.xlsx
PurchaseOrders Default.xlsx
PurchaseOrders Open Purchase Orders by Vendor.xlsx
PurchaseOrders Open Purchase Orders.xlsx
PurchaseOrders Purchase Orders On Hold.xlsx
PurchaseOrders This Week’s Purchase Orders.xlsx
ReceivablesTransactions Cash Receipts Entered Today.xlsx
ReceivablesTransactions Customer Returns.xlsx
ReceivablesTransactions Default.xlsx
ReceivablesTransactions Past Due Customer Transactions.xlsx
ReceivablesTransactions Receivables Due Today.xlsx
ReceivablesTransactions This Month’s Sales.xlsx
ReceivablesTransactions Today’s Sales.xlsx
ReceivablesTransactions Transactions by Customer.xlsx
ReceivablesTransactions Unapplied Documents.xlsx
ReceivingsLineItems Default.xlsx
ReceivingsLineItems Items to Put Away.xlsx
ReceivingsLineItems Shipments Received but not Invoiced.xlsx
ReceivingsTransactions 1099 Transactions.xlsx
ReceivingsTransactions Default.xlsx
RMALines Default.xlsx
RMAs Default.xlsx
RMAs Open RMAs.xlsx
RTVLines Default.xlsx
RTVs Default.xlsx
RTVs Past Due RTVs.xlsx
SalesLineItems Back Ordered Line Items.xlsx
SalesLineItems Default.xlsx
SalesLineItems Drop-Ship Line Items.xlsx
SalesLineItems High Priority Documents Due this Week.xlsx
SalesLineItems Items Overdue to Ship.xlsx
SalesLineItems Items Past Requested Ship Date.xlsx
SalesLineItems Items Shipped Today.xlsx
SalesLineItems Items to Ship Today.xlsx
SalesLineItems Shipping Performance.xlsx
SalesLineItems Workflow Shipments Due Today.xlsx
SalesTransactions Default.xlsx
SalesTransactions Fulfillment Orders to Pack.xlsx
SalesTransactions Fulfillment Orders to Pick.xlsx
SalesTransactions Fulfillment Orders to Ship.xlsx
SalesTransactions Open Invoices.xlsx
SalesTransactions Open Order for Customers on Hold.xlsx
SalesTransactions Open Orders.xlsx
SalesTransactions Posted Invoices.xlsx
SalesTransactions Quotes Expiring This Week.xlsx
SalesTransactions Ship Complete Orders.xlsx
SalesTransactions This Week’s Back Orders.xlsx
SalesTransactions This Week’s Invoices.xlsx
SalesTransactions This Week’s Orders.xlsx
SalesTransactions This Week’s Quotes.xlsx
SalesTransactions This Week’s Returns.xlsx
TaxDetailTransactions Default.xlsx
Trees Default.xlsx
Trx Dimension Codes Default.xlsx
Trx Dimensions Default.xlsx
VendorAddress Default.xlsx
VendorItems Default.xlsx
Vendors 1099 Vendors.xlsx
Vendors Default.xlsx
Vendors Discounts Lost YTD.xlsx
Vendors Inactive Vendors.xlsx
Vendors Vendor Balance.xlsx
Vendors Vendor Contact List.xlsx
Vendors Vendors on Hold.xlsx
WorkOrders Default.xlsx
WorkOrders Open Work Orders.xlsx

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