Dynamics GP Top Technical Support issues

I was asked what issues I deal with the most often. I’m sure there are many others but these are the first ones that come to mind along with the resolutions below.

Here’s my Top 13 support issues list in no particular order:
1. Batch stuck in posting, receiving, etc. status
2. Where do I find the table that holds a particular set of data?
3. My sub-module doesn’t tie to the GL
4. How do I set up a new fiscal year?
5. I can’t login to Dynamics – Unknown dictionary error
6. How do I import budgets?
7. Dynamics won’t let me post
8. I have a metrics error on my homepage
9. How do I move Dynamics to a new server?
10. After closing the GL I realized I have incorrectly listed a BS account as a P & L account, now there is not beginning balance. (or vice versa)
11. How do I adjust then print 1099’s?
12. When trying to access sales transaction entry I get the error “Your previous transaction-level posting session has not finished processing”.
13. Inventory shows it is allocated when it’s not


1. Doug Pitcher blog post – http://www.rosebizinc.com/gpblog/2009/01/stuck-batches-in-dynamics-gp.html. Dave Musgrave comment gives script that works well.
2. Blog post by MBS employee Dave Musgrave. http://blogs.msdn.com/developingfordynamicsgp/archive/2008/10/05/finding-table-and-field-information-in-microsoft-dynamics-gp.aspx
3. See Steve Chapman post. http://www.rosebizinc.com/gpblog/2008/02/reconcile-to-gl-easily.html
4. Tools>>setup>>system>>company>>fiscal periods. Type new fiscal period in the year box and press tab. Make sure all periods are correct then press calculate.
5. Usually permissions error when network ID doesn’t have access to reports.dic file. Find path in Tools>>setup>>system>>edit launch file>>enter system password>>Highlight dynamics GP, look to see where Reports line is pointing to. Open a browser and try to path to this location. Need
6. Cards>>financial>>budgets. Use import wizard by choosing New>>using budget wizard for Excel.
7. Print edit list of batch (printer icon at top right hand corner of batch window). This will tell you why you can’t post
8. Tech doc: 918313. Install Office Web Components link, question and answer #21.
9. Doug Pitcher blog: http://www.rosebizinc.com/gpblog/2008/08/moving-sql-to-new-server.html
10. Tech doc #864913
11. Doug Pitcher blog: http://www.rosebizinc.com/gpblog/2009/01/dynamics-gp-1099-printing-for-90-and.html
12. Tech doc #852623. Run scripts to release captured user.
13. Run inventory reconcile at Tools>>utilites>>inventory>>reconcile. Everyone needs to be out of GP (well sop, pop, inv or any module that touches inventory)

I’d be interested in seeing your most common lists of frequently tackled issues in GP. Any issues come to your mind other than the ones above?

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