Drowning in Spreadsheets

I met with a Quickbooks user today. They have at least three business functions that are being maintained exclusively in Excel. Periodically they analyze the spreadsheets and enter the information into Quickbooks. I continually meet people that maintain critical business functions in spreadsheets. They have hundreds of them. I have met people that don’t know what to do because they’ve reached the 65,000 row limit! So what’s wrong with this?

This is what’s wrong:

No enforcement of essential business rules.

No audit trail of changes.

Suboptimal security access and control.

Huge likelihood of data corruption and data loss.

Unwieldy calculations, links, and macros that render spreadsheets impossible to maintain.

Excel is a wonderful tool for analysis; not great for business transaction processing. These are common business functions that are often maintained in Excel, but more effectively performed in Dynamics GP:

Function: Revenue Deferral
GP Solution: Revenue and Expense Deferral, Project Accounting, Contract Administration

Function: Timesheets
GP Solution: Project Time and Expense

Function: Fixed Assets
GP Solution: Fixed Assets module

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